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The Klipsch Soundbar

As we strive for better definition and color depth in screens that grow ever skinnier, speakers tend to become an afterthought. You might be surprised to know that a big-screen television these days probably doesn't sound better than a standard definition television from a decade or two back. And with higher-quality entertainment moving more and more into the home, you're going to need a speaker-driven solution. You shouldn't need an entire home theater system to enjoy your shows and movies. Instead, outfit your living room with a Klipsch soundbar. These types of speakers are easy to install and easier to enjoy, with multipoint audio enclosed in just one device, and Klipsch brings these popular products to a level of even finer quality. The audio engineers at Klipsch have been creating new ways to enjoy sound since 1946 with a focus on high fidelity. And while much has changed since then, their guiding principles have stayed the same—they want to ensure that clients hear music as it was recorded. That's why these machines aren't like any other speakers. Each device is crafted with precision, too, and directs audio signals through the room to simulate sound effects coming from different directions.

Easy Installation, High Quality Sound

While installing can be as easy as plugging in a power outlet and the TV's HDMI or optical port, you might need to do a little more work before you're getting the optimal sound. Some soundbars come with an included wireless subwoofer, and these need to be positioned just so for optimal performance. Subwoofers boost your audio's bass, allowing you to feel the levels of bass that a Klipsch soundbar can't provide on its own. You can learn more with our How to Install a Subwoofer guide, but a great place to start with subwoofer installation is behind the couch or in the corner (and not right up against the wall). You'll have to shift around based on your room's structure, so it's a good rule of thumb to position the subwoofer, then play audio and adjust based on how things sound. You may spend an afternoon crawling around on the ground testing how the sound fires, but you'll have an incredible sonic experience by the end of the day.

Go Beyond The TV

While most people imagine the Hi-Fi Klipsch soundbar in relation to their favorite films, sweeping scores, and TV shows, these devices might shock you with their multifunctionality. Competitive and casual gamers will appreciate the audio fidelity just as well as a film buff. These speakers bring added situational awareness and immersion to any round of play, whether you're enjoying a competitive match with friends or sinking into stealthy gameplay. Meanwhile, music fans will be glad to know they can use a soundbar like the Klipsch Cinema 600 Soundbar without the TV at all. Connect your phone, tablet, or other devices via Bluetooth and play your favorite playlists. Great for big parties, dinner dates, and evenings alone doing chores, this wireless functionality makes soundbars some of the most versatile devices in the modern home.

Klipsch Soundbar Support

If you're still not sure that a soundbar is the sonic solution for your home, check out our Sound Bar Buying Guide. Here, our audio and video specialists break down everything you'll need to know about these electronic sound producers, including how they work, possible features, and how to connect them to your TV. If you feel like you need more personalized help, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. We'll help you find the model that's best for your home. Alternatively, come in to the store and get an earful from our stock on the sales floor.

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