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Stay Cool with an LG Portable AC

At the beginning and end of the summer season, the weather can change dramatically from day to day or even over one day. It's not so easy to pop a window AC unit in and out as temperatures rise and fall. However, it's easy to use a portable air conditioning unit at any time and in any room of the house. Features such as oscillating air vents, programmable timer, and remote control are added benefits. Quiet and quick-cooling LG portable air conditioners are great for small apartments or any room in the house.

LG portable air conditioners let you create comfort zones in your home or workspace. Use them in the living room to cool down after work or move them to the bedroom for a cool night's rest. If your housing situation does not make it possible to install a window or wall unit, a portable AC is your cure to the summertime blues. Dehumidification technology reduces indoor humidity levels too and the 3 in 1 operation of some models function as a dehumidifier, fan, or air conditioner.

LG Portable Air Conditioners Features

When the weather heats up in the summertime, you just want to keep cool but some apartment buildings don't allow window units. Or maybe you live in a garden apartment with limited window access. Or maybe you just don't like having a window blocked by an AC unit. A portable air conditioner is the answer. They're quiet, easy to use, and cool down a room fast. Use it in your office at work. If you work remotely, use it in your home office, then once you're done move it to your living room, dining room, or any room of your house and stay cool all day. Air circulates much better with oscillating air vents so these units leave no hot spot uncooled. And talk about quiet. These portable units use LoDecibel Technology so they're some of the quietest in the industry. Efficient and affordable portable ACs have washable filters and easy-roll casters so you can roll them from place to place.

Remote control lets you adjust the unit from across the room so you can keep working, reading, or watching TV. A model with a programmable timer gets your LG portable air conditioner cooling down a room before you get home. Start cooling the bedroom so it's nice and cool when it's time to go to bed. Take advantage of multiple fan speeds and control the temperature in any room. Units are available for less than $400 making them a great investment and a Dual Inverter Compressor™ generates up to 40% more energy savings.

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Stay cool all summer long with an LG portable air conditioner. Move them throughout the house during the hotter parts of the day and according to which room you'll be in. If you have questions about any model of AC unit, get in touch with an Abt appliance expert today. Call Abt today at 800-860-3577.

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  • First time product buyer with Abt. Delivery of product was on time and quality of humidifier was what I was looking for!
    Rudolfo M. - Vallejo, CA
    May 7, 2021