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Maytag Top Load Washers

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Maytag Washers: Top Load Washing Machines

If you find that your old washing machine isn't performing anymore (whether it's stopped removing stains or just won't turn on at all) then it's time to turn to the experts at Maytag. Maytag top load washers are the laundry machines built to meet everyone's needs—and they have been for over 120 years. The company itself was founded on the popularity of their washing machines, and they've been spearheading evolving scrubbing technologies ever since. Their main goal for Maytag washers is to help keep your clothing, family, and home as clean as possible.

Why go with top load washers?

While front-load washing machines have been popular for a while now, Maytag top load washers still reign supreme. These Maytag washers are designed for people who would have a hard time bending over to empty a front-load device; elderly folks and those with bad backs could have a hard time accessing their clean clothes from front-load versions. Instead, these Maytag washers allow users to simply reach down and pull out (though they could be tough for those who are vertically challenged). Another pro for Maytag top-load washers? You can add clothes even after the machine starts its cycle. As the water starts to flow in, you may remember a towel you left on the floor or a pair of jeans you need to be washed by tomorrow. Feel free to stop the cycle and throw them in the wash too—that's something you can't do with a front-facing machine. Those ones lock to keep water in and prevent spills, but that means you and your jeans are out of luck until the cycle is over.

Find One That Fits Your Budget

Whether you're looking for the top-of-the-line washing machine or in search of the lowest-price Maytag washers available, there are Maytag top load washers that can accommodate your budget. Classic agitator-equipped machines are generally lower in price but compromise on cleaning power. Meanwhile, impeller-powered Maytag top load washers use less water and function through friction, rubbing the clothes against each other gently to remove stains. If you're hoping for a high-efficiency device that will save you money and utility costs in the long run, opt for an impeller device. But if up-front costs are your main concern, an agitator-equipped Maytag washing machine is for you.

Complete Your Laundry Room Set Up

Equip your home with one of our Maytag top load washers for an investment in your home's hygiene in the long run and pair it with a matching dryer. If you're still not sure which type of washer is right for you, check out our complete Washing Machine Buying Guide. Here you'll learn more about newer features like smart functionality and high-efficiency washing. Alternatively, watch our experts pit the two types of washing machines against each other in our Front Load vs. Top Load Washer guide. For more personalized help for Maytag washers, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. Our appliance specialists will be able to help you find the best Maytag washer for your home.

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