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Etón Radios at Abt

Etón Radios at Abt

"Empowered By Nature" is more than just the slogan for Etón. It's a call to action and a promise that is made manifest in an extensive line of innovative portable electronics. All Etón products are engineered to maximize energy-efficiency, with many featuring clever integration of alternative power sources like hand cranks or solar panels.

The notion of solar-powered electronics might bring to mind tiny calculators with fleeting power reserves or bulky devices with unwieldy black panels for collecting the sun's rays. Etón radios and other devices shatter that stereotype by making renewable energy not just practical and easy to harness, but also stylish. Etón has been a proud recipient of numerous prestigious design awards.

Within the Etón radio collection, you'll find some models dedicated to safety and preparedness, some to entertainment and many that offer a combination of both. Devices like the RX3 Weather Radio are a perfect companion in dangerous weather. It will provide with not only up-to-date disaster information, but includes an integrated flashlight which can be indispensable in an emergency. And with the power-producing hand crank and built-in USB port, you can even keep your smartphone charged during a power outage.

The FRX3 is just one of many ingenious devices available from Etón. To see the Abt's entire stock of Etón radios and other products, click the link below.

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  • My order was received so fast! Everything is great! The microwave I got is excellent! I would recommend this company to anyone!
    Diana C. - Ocala, FL
    May 8, 2021