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Euro Style: Scandinavian Design for American Life


EuroStyle: Swedish Design for The Modern Home

Born in 1985 from the mind of Swedish designer Trig Liljestrand, Euro Style was created to bring a dream alive: contemporary European furniture, made for the American home. Curved silhouettes, natural shapes, thin lines, natural materials and comfort have all been top priorities since their first designs went global. And the best part? Each piece is designed to be RTA-ready to assemble right away. Whether you're searching for a coffee table for the living room or a chic office chair to sit beside your new desk, you'll find the perfect furniture to match your vibe from Euro Style at Abt. And you'll discover "The right design at the right price"—that's the motto Liljestrand began the Scandinavian brand with over 35 years ago.

How To Create Your Dream Office

Whether you're working from home permanently, setting up a hybrid office space, creating an area for the kids to work on their assignments after school, or just hoping for a spot to keep monthly bills organized, every home needs an office space. That doesn't need to be a four-walled room with an abundance of square feet, a printer, desktop computer and multiple monitors. All you need is a workspace. At minimum, that means a comfortable chair and a sturdy, functional desk. If your office area shares an open concept space with your dining or living room, you'll want it to look as clean and modern as possible. Explore Euro Style writing desks and tables that match your home's aesthetic—think warm woods and square shapes, or go for a cleaner look with a completely white or even glass tabletop.

Next up, you'll need a comfortable and supportive seat. Don't vote for oversized leather (or fake leather) versions that belong back in the 70s. Instead, pick out a lightweight Euro Style version designed to fit with your furniture scheme, not dominate it. Look for one of their bungie models that allow users to literally see through the cords. Perfect for kids, these are available in different colors. Match yours with your sofa, or create a striking contrast in color across different zones. Alternatively, go for a more traditional seat with functional support. Think wheeled models with tiltability, perfect for leaning forward or back when you've hit a moment of writer's block. Stylish materials like velvet, vintage leatherette and matte black steel make these seats immediate eye-catchers for all the right reasons.

Living Room Styling

Euro Style furniture isn't just for office spaces. Look for exciting accent structures to bring a level of Swedish artistry to the rest of your home as well. Think coffee tables in non-traditional round shapes, minimalist silhouettes, and sturdy bookshelves ready to hold up beloved cookbooks and framed photographs. Integrate these into your existing space, or center your arrangement around an accent piece that stands out to you—there's no wrong way to design.

Bring Yours Home

Whether you're incorporating Euro Style into your traditional home's eclectic look or finding the perfect pieces that match your postmodern vibe, you'll find everything you need at Abt. Questions on look, design, specs and materials? Reach out to our knowledgeable team members. Instead of flying blind, you'll have all the information you need to make the right choice for your life. Give us a call at 800-860-3577, or head into the store to see us in person.