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Hot Wheels Toy Cars and Play Vehicles at Abt

For generations, both children and adults have enjoyed playing with and collecting Hot Wheels car replicas. Mattel has been making these die-cast toy cars for over 50 years. Kids like them because they're fun, adults like them because they're collectible. Over the years car manufacturers have licensed their cars to Hot Wheels to replicate their life-size models using the original design blueprints. Everything gets replicated down to the smallest detail. Adult collectors seek out these limited-edition models to add to their collections. Abt sells a variety of play vehicles as well as accessories such as race tracks.

Monster Trucks Collection

One of the more popular Hot Wheels series is the Monster Trucks Collection. These trucks feature many crazy, fun designs, giant wheels, and are produced at 1:64 scale. Each one of the collectible trucks in the series has a unique decoration and colors and come with a crushable car you can drive them over. Buy a few different trucks and create a Monster Truck rally of your own design. Or go even smaller with a Mini Monster Truck. Minis come in 20 different styles. These toys are best for kids ages three to six and come with a fun sticker and a launcher to propel the car forward fast. A Hot Wheels 9-Car Pack sets you on the road to high-octane adventure. Nine different cars come in each pack which makes them great for trading with your friends. They also make great holiday and birthday gifts for young car enthusiasts or collectors.

Hot Wheels Racing

Another awesome racing track option is the Track Builder Unlimited Power Boost Box Track Set. The Power Boost set lets kids build the dual booster and over 20 feet of track and parts for great stunts and serious racing fun. This set can be used with other track sets too. Connect to the Hot Wheels Race Portal™ and a free app that lets kids play games and track their racing progress. The set also two Hot Wheels vehicles. The Track Builder Unlimited Multi-Lane Speed Box set lets you make a ramp out of any table or chair in the house. Just clamp the lid onto a shelf or other ledge and you're ready to race. Flip the speed box over and you're ready to make the jump. Kids can use the speed box to perform cool stunts or to race their friends' cars side by side. Make it to the finish line and four colorful flipper gates spin in celebration. When you're not ramp racing use the box to store your play cars and accessories. You can also combine the box with other tracks and make it a part of a longer course. Get your cars together and get ready to race with a Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway set. This eye-popping orange race track is eight feet long and includes a ramp to build up speed. Experience the lights and sounds of the racetrack as you put your best cars up against the competition, which can be your friends' cars or the other ones in your collection.

Start Your Hot Wheels Collection Today

You are never too young or too old to start a toy car collection and it's always a good time to add a new vehicle to an existing collection. Toy cars and racing tracks really spark the imaginations of children and collecting is something many people do their entire lives. Start today with the selection of Monster Trucks and other vehicles we have to offer. If you have any questions about these or other play vehicles and toys, give us a call today at 800-860-3577.

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