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Killerspin Ping Pong Tables & Paddles

Killerspin Ping Pong Tables and Paddles at Abt


When you're ready to get serious about your game room, turn to Killerspin. This brand is well-lauded for its beautifully made table tennis products, from outdoor tables to models that fold up, as well as statement pieces that dominate any indoor space. When you buy from Killerspin at Abt, you know you'll be getting something perfectly designed to bring excitement to your home. That's true for professional-level players who practice to stay on their game as well as recreational players just having fun. With tables and equipment from Killerspin, it's all for the love of the game.

What Do You Play For?

Before you start looking at different Killerspin ping-pong gear, consider what you'll be using yours for. Is this surface for the kids as they grow up and invite their friends over? Are you outfitting your basement bar with a few arcade games and gear your friends will love to play with when they come over? Or are you hoping to keep your paddle skills as polished as possible? First and foremost, ping-pong is social: there's no way to play on your own. That makes it the perfect addition to any home.

Even if your family or friends have no experience, it's immediately exciting to play. Laugh and smile as you hand out paddles, then let the fun begin. Indoor surfaces are made to give every round the perfect level of bounce. Meanwhile, Killerspin paddles make sure every hit lands just where it should as players get their blood pumping. Laughs and victory are sure to ensue: make sure you've got a good stock of balls for that moment when one rolls underneath the couch, and blood's pumping too fast to stop your turn and find it. Keep playing until it's game, set and match.

Which Table Is For You?

When it comes to picking out the Killerspin ping-pong table that's right for your home, take a few things into account. Will you be using it strictly inside, or are you looking for a table that can sit on the outdoor porch or patio? These options are made for weather resistance and are perfect for backyard gatherings, from barbecues to beachside birthdays. When the weather turns south, the table is easy to put away. Fold yours in half, and use the roller wheels to move it into a nearby garage, storage closet or basement. A cover is the perfect thing to help protect yours from the elements, too, and a necessary accessory for any model. Then when the sun comes back out, get ready for more fun and games with friends and family: even create your own outdoor league.

If you know you're ready to pick out one of the brand's folding tables or their room-dominating models that stay locked in place, you're in the right spot. Order online for home delivery, or head to us for in-store pickup. If you're still not sure that Killerspin models are the right pick for you, you're in the right place. Call our experts at 800-860-3577 to hear from our specialists: we've got lots of experience with building out the perfect game room.