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Longines Watches: Wristwear, Elevated

Luxury lives on your wrist when you wear pieces by Longines. The Switzerland-based group of engineers has been crafting style with precision for over 130 years— their first stroke of genius came when founder Auguste Agassiz worked with his nephew to craft the crown-wound pocket watch, and they've been mastering precision in both time and style ever since. Today, their collection is made up of more than precision timepieces: You'll find Longines watches for every occasion, from elegant evening wear to aerial navigation and even diving. You'll find high performance no matter the occasion, all on your wrist.

What Makes Longines Watches Different?

In a word, precision. The precision of style, accuracy in time-telling and high-quality functionality set Longines into a league of its own. Its precision is so well trusted that Longines is the official timekeeper of many horse races—including the Kentucky Derby. Every time you see their winged hourglass, you can know that the product it adorns is made with accuracy in mind. Keep in mind that these machines work around the clock, so regular maintenance by a true professional is recommended; speak to the specialists in Abt's Time store to learn more about your particular product and how often it needs to be serviced to stay in top shape.

Chronograph & Diving Watches

That precision comes in handy when you're in places that demand performance. Scuba lovers and divers know that the pressure of moving beneath the surface increases the deeper you go. That's what makes this brand's pieces dedicated to diving with their ultimate power pieces. Explore the depths of your local lakes or the reefs on your next expedition, and have no fear for your wristwear. Keep track of how long you've spent underwater, with some models that can go as far as 300 meters below sea level. And when you're so deep down below the sun, you may have trouble without light—find the best readability underwater from Longines dive watches. And even when you aren't diving, your timepiece will be truly waterproof.

Meanwhile, the popular chronograph watch is easy to find among this selection. What is a chronograph? Put simply, they're triple-dial stopwatches, which can come with their own high-powered complications. From Longines, look for chronographs made for sports. With clients and sponsorships across different sporting families, their chronographs are truly precise. Olympic-level skiing, equine exercises and even aviation are all easy to time with the push of a button (or two).

If you're not sure that Longines and their perfect timekeeping are the right pick for your lifestyle, you're not far from help. The experts in Abt's Time store are here to help you find the perfect wristwear, from pieces made just for style to gear made exclusively for sports. Give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577 for personalized advice all about the style that's right for you and your lifestyle. If you'd rather do research on your own, explore our watch buying guide to learn more.

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