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Scosche Car Audio and Mobile Accessories

Scosche Car Audio and Mobile Accessories at Abt

Create The Ultimate Driving Experience with Scosche at Abt

The Scosche brand grew from small beginnings, first formed as a car audio consulting business in 1980 and ran out of the garage of spouses Roger and Scotia "Scosche" Alves. As of today, this company, while still family-run, has 200 employees, delivering over 4000 car audio and technology products to consumers everywhere. Scosche's high-quality, innovative and safe vehicle accessories and car kits are developed by their community of gearheads, tech buffs and drivers with an inherent passion for cars, sound and travel. Their goal is to create products that make lives simpler and happier, whether they power your phone or allow you to listen to music anywhere while you drive. Scosche is also working towards becoming more sustainable by recycling, reducing e-waste, supporting global reforestation and eliminating plastic packaging. Their products have won the TWICE Picks Award six years in a row, along with many other awards all praising their standout technology.

Accessorize Your Ride

Abt carries a variety of different car accessories and cell phone mounts from Scosche for all of your hands-free needs. The air vent holders feature a free-flow design, mounting to your car's vent without blocking the hot or cold air from coming in and creating a comfortable environment. The clamshell grip uses a vent stabilizer in order to hold your phone securely, no matter if your vent is vertical, horizontal, circular or angled. Your device will always stay put despite movement in the vehicle with the extra powerful and 100% safe magnetic grip. Some of their cell phone mounts even have an adjustable arm so you can optimize the view of your phone while driving. Other air vent mounts have the ability to charge your device with an open design, so you'll still have access to all the controls and ports on your cell phone. Phones equipped with a PopSocket® prove to be no barrier to these magnetic vent mounts either. Another hands-free Scosche option is their magnetic cup holders. These accessories feature a twistable knob that adjusts the size of the base to perfectly fit your car's cup holder for easy access.

If this takes up too much space for your liking, Scosche also carries dashboard magnetic mounts. The cradle arms of these dash mounts are adjustable in order to accommodate the changes in cell phone design and size over the years, so any device newer or older can fit like a glove. Underneath the Scosche dash mounts are StickGrip suction cups, which hold securely to nearly any flat surface so you can really mount these accessories anywhere you desire, including windows. You can even rotate your device 360° around for a great view at any angle. Scosche cell phone accessories can convert your Apple MagSafe chargers for hands-free charging in your car with an included 20W USB-C Power Delivery car power plug. For those interested in combining function with style in their vehicle, try customizing these mounts with black and silver interchangeable trim rings for a stylish finish. This is only the beginning of the accessories Scosche has to improve your daily commute; to learn more about car mounts and kits carried at Abt, speak to a member of our team at 800-860-3577.