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We’re here to help you sleep better than ever.

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    Tempur-Pedic® mattresses absorb the force of your body and its pressure points to reduce tossing and turning—so you can relax more fully into your sleep.

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    Tempur-Pedic® mattresses adapt and conform to your body’s unique needs throughout the night. So you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer—and wake up feeling powerful.

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    Tempur-Pedic® mattresses dramatically reduce motion transfer between you and your partner. So you can rest undisturbed—and rejuvenate deeply.

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    Tempur-Pedic® mattresses feature an exclusive system of integrated cooling technologies designed to keep you cool and comfortable—so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Our owners have spoken

95% of people would recommend their Tempur-Pedic mattress.

†Source: 2017 Tempur Sealy Brand Tracker

Sleep Benefits

Tempur-Pedic® mattresses dramatically reduce motion transfer between you and your partner while adapting and conforming to your body’s unique needs throughout the night. So you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer – and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

  • Good sleep has been shown to improve problem-solving skills and enhance memory performance of both children and adults.

  • Getting at least 8 hours of sleep can improve immune function and help fight the common cold.

  • A healthy dose of sleep can help you learn new skills, create long-term memories, and improve your focus.

  • According to an Oklahoma State University study, a new mattress provides significant improvements, including 70.8% in sleep comfort, 62.0% in sleep quality, 55.3% in back pain, and 50.7% in spine stiffness.*

    The Better Sleep Council
  • Even a 10-minute nap can improve your alertness for 2.5 hours if you’re sleep-deprived, and you can feel the benefit for up to 4 hours if you are well-rested.

    The Better Sleep Council
*As compared to sleeping on a mattress five years or older


Choose from our collections to find the feel that’s right for you.

TEMPUR-Adapt® Series

Legendary comfort and support

The technology that started it all, redesigned for today. Two layers of premium TEMPUR® Technology continually adapt and conform to your body’s changing needs throughout the night—relieving pressure, reducing motion transfer, relaxing you while you sleep, and rejuvenating you for your day.

Available In:
  • Medium
  • Medium Hybrid
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TEMPUR-ProAdapt Series

Advanced pressure relief for deep, relaxation

The most innovative bed we’ve ever created with the most advanced pressure-relieving material we’ve ever made. Expertly engineered to give you deep relaxing sleep that rejuvenates your whole body. This is the new TEMPUR-ProAdapt™ series—featuring our new TEMPUR-APR® material.

Available In:
  • Medium
  • Medium Hybrid
  • Soft
  • Firm
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TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Series

Our most luxurious models

A proven sleep experience from our most luxurious models. Made with our highest-density TEMPUR® Technology, you’ll get our most personalized sleep experience. With more surface area adapting to your body, precisely where and when you need it.

Available In:
  • Soft
  • Firm
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Only TEMPUR-breeze® mattresses use an integrated system of technologies to keep you cool while you fall asleep. Ultra-breathable support layers channel heat away from your body. PureCool™ Technology delivers cooling comfort you can feel. And the performance cover is cool-to-touch.

Available In:
  • Flex Supreme Breeze
  • Cloud Luxe Breeze
  • Cloud Supreme Breeze
  • Contour Luxe Breeze
  • Contour Elite Breeze
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Power Bases

Our mattresses are superior. Our adjustable bases are no different.

When you upgrade to a Tempur-Pedic® power base, you receive a variety of benefits including virtually infinite ergonomic positions, full-body pressure relief, customized sleep positions and a solution for sleep partners that snore.

Available In:
  • Tempur-Ergo® Extend
  • Tempur-Ergo®
  • Ease®
  • Tempur-Flat® Foundation
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  • TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend

    TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend is Tempur-Pedic’s most elite power base, combining premium technologies like the QuietMode™ and PerfectSeat™ to create the ultimate addition to a holistic sleep experience.

    TEMPUR-Ergo Extend
  • TEMPUR-Ergo®

    The TEMPUR-Ergo® power base is an essential part of a holistic sleep system, combining premium technologies like QuietMode™, USB ports and underbed lighting for a seamless sleep experience.

  • Ease®

    Ease® has all the features you need in a power base, upgraded for custom comfort. With nearly unlimited ergonomic head and foot positions and presets for customized comfort, the Ease® is an essential part of a complete and seamless sleep experience.

  • TEMPUR-Flat® Foundation

    Designed and engineered by Tempur-Pedic® to be stronger and more durable than any other support platform. Helps to minimize motion transfer between sleep partners. Antimicrobial treatment hinders microorganisms, including dust mites.

    TEMPUR-Flat Foundation

Tempur-Pedic® Pillows

Everybody has different needs. That’s why we design pillows in a range of profile heights and comforts, so you can find a pillow that uniquely adapts to your head, neck, and shoulders.

We design pillows for the way you sleep…

on your back…side…or stomach.

Available In:
  • Cloud + Cooling
  • ProLo + Cooling
  • ProMid + Cooling
  • ProHi + Cooling
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  • TEMPUR-Adapt®


    Washable Cover


    Formed from a single piece of TEMPUR® Technology

    TEMPUR-Adapt Cloud+Cooling">">
  • TEMPUR-Adapt®


    Washable Cover


    Uses exclusive TEMPUR® micro-cushions for personalized support

    TEMPUR-Adapt ProLo+Cooling">
  • TEMPUR-Adapt®


    Dual-sided design

    Conforming TEMPUR® micro-cushions

    Supportive TEMPUR® Technology

    TEMPUR-Adapt ProMid+Cooling
  • TEMPUR-Adapt®


    Washable Cover


    Formed from a single piece of TEMPUR® Technology

    TEMPUR-Adapt ProHi+Cooling
  • TEMPUR-Down

    Adjustable Support

    Easy to clean


    Adjustable Tempur-Pedic® inserts

    TEMPUR-Down Adjustable Support