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Weil-McLain Boilers and Water Heaters

Weil-McLain Boilers and Water Heaters at Abt

Weil-McClain at Abt

Few brands can say that they've been crafting with expertise for nearly 150 years, but Weil McLain and their products live up to their reputation. Their boilers and hot water heaters are crafted to keep homes comfortable. It all depends on what your home runs on, like natural gas or electricity, and what your needs are. However you fuel appliances like new ranges or outdoor grill, you'll find the perfect Weil McLain heater or boiler for your home. Explore their available products at Abt—our team of HVAC specialists can help you learn more and install with ease.

Materials That Make It Work

Cast iron is part of what started Weil-McLain's business off to a roaring success, and they're still using these components to craft today. Those older, tougher designs have now joined forces with newer materials. Stainless steel, aluminum and more are combined for efficient, innovative hydronic heating.

What Is A Boiler?

Not familiar? Boilers like the ones made by Weil-McLain have one main job: to heat water. Hot water is used for all kinds of tasks, like central air heating, cooking, bathing and showering and more. Different models by Weil-McLain work to manage the process both powerfully and efficiently, like their CGA models. These come in many different fuel types, but all work to heat quickly. Controls are easy to see and use, while mistake-proof wiring ensures that the CGA works perfectly from the moment you turn on the hot shower to the moment you turn it off.

What Fuel Should I Choose?

When it comes to using the proper fuel, the most obvious choice would be to go with the fuel your home is designed for: replacing an electric model with a similar version, or gas with gas. But maybe you're moving into a new home with no gas line, or are just ready to make the switch from one fuel type to the other. There are benefits to having either type of boiler: gas burners, for instance, tend to be more powerful, bringing you more hot water faster. This is especially important for those who have larger homes and families. Everyone will be able to take shower after shower with little fear of running out of hot water. Meanwhile, electric versions have their own benefits, mainly a lack of CO2 emissions. Every time a gas boiler turns on, CO2 is released. With an electric model from Weil-Mclain, you'll know you've made a choice that's better for the environment (as long as your home's electricity comes from a renewable source). These machines are incredibly efficient. The downside is the power output: these are generally recommended for homes with just a few people.

Still not sure which product is for you? Whether you're choosing a gas or electric Weil-McLain model for your new home appliance, Abt has the information you need. Speak to us at 800-860-3577 to learn more, or head into the store to speak with a salesperson. We're here for all of your HVAC needs. Learn more about our heating, ventilation and air conditioning options online.