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Directed car alarms and remote starters at Abt

A global leader in security and control telematics, we make life more secure, comfortable and fun in and around your vehicle.

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Directed Remote Start, Car Alarms & More Vehicle Accessories

A vehicle is an investment, and it's important to care for yours like one. For some folks, that means washing it by hand once a week, and for others that means leaving it a dedicated space in the home's garage. But when it comes to security, you might be surprised at how easy it is to break into a car. Whether you're parking on the street or safe at home, protect your ride with telematics equipment from Directed. With over thirty years of experience protecting North American vehicles, these auto experts are backed by a reputation of cutting-edge technology and performance. Their portfolio is stocked with remote starts, motion sensors, advanced alarms and t-harnesses—everything you need to customize a security system that's right for your automobile.

Alarms and T-Harnesses

Car alarms do more than just make sound. These devices are built for the real world, where theft and damage can both happen swiftly. Unlike the factory-made alarms that come with a new vehicle, Directed car alarms can sense touch and even elevation. Equip your vehicle with their digital tilt motion sensor—this sensor is designed to keep would-be wheel stealers at bay. If the sensor detects a tow truck or jack lifting it, the sensor picks up on that movement. That makes them perfect for vehicles with expensive or upgraded tires (think off-road SUVs or collector autos). Next time anyone tries anything with your tires, they're in for a surprise. If you've never looked under your dashboard, you might not know what a T-harness is. But these wiry accessories are what make Directed remote starts possible. Keep in mind that each one is made for specific vehicles depending on their make and model, so they're not one size fits all. And T-harnesses themselves are not Directed remote starts. Instead, they connect your car to the correct technology. Most of them are compatible with Viper remote starts. The final product makes your auto a force to be reckoned with.

Meet Our Mobile Installation Team

If installing a Directed remote start or motion detector seems a bit beyond your mechanical capabilities, give our Mobile Installation department a call at 800-860-3577. Our team specializes in customizing audio and electronics for rides of all kinds, from coupes and SUVs to RVs and boats. The Abt technicians are MECP-certified and skilled in their craft, but don't take our word for it: Mobile Electronics Magazine ranked our team members as some of the best in the nation. Bring in your ride and your laundry list of auto concerns, and we'll create a plan that can help keep your investment as safe as possible.

In addition to installing Directed remote starts and sensors, the mobile installation team specializes in car stereo modification and installation. While you're here, why not fix up that blown-out bass or add a dependable GPS? We can help you get your car road trip ready so that you can hit the road, follow the map, blast your tunes, and know that the automobile is well-protected when it's time to stop for the night.