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iiRcade Home Arcade Consoles at Abt

Take game night to new heights with arcade machines from iiRcade. Named by IGN as the "best arcade machine" of 2021, these consoles are guaranteed to level up your next gathering. With accolades from countless other gaming publications, these machines are a clear winner in their field. These systems allow you to enjoy hundreds of officially licensed games, from retro classics to hot new arrivals. Whether you're looking to add a conversation piece in your home or upgrade your game room, these consoles are a great solution. Serious gamers will love the nod to the humble beginning of video games, providing the perfect contrast between modern new consoles like the PlayStation5 and a charmingly retro arcade machine. Despite their vintage look, iiRcade has given their gaming consoles some much-needed improvements. To create a more immersive gaming experience, they've equipped their machines with a 100 watt speaker system, a 19" HD display and premium arcade controls. They currently offer seven different cabinet styles so you can pick the design that best suits your gaming style or best matches your home's aesthetic.

Titles for Gamers of All Ages

If you've played arcade games in the past, chances are you have fond memories of a particular title. Remember Burger Time? iiRcade consoles have it along with countless other memorable titles including Space Invaders. With over 250 titles available, you can enjoy classics from the golden age of arcade or fun new arrivals. By offering old and new titles, you can introduce your childhood favorites to your own kids or bond over the hottest new releases. iiRcade's offering spans the most popular genres, including shooters, RPGs, racing games and puzzle games. Their library continues to grow so you can check back often to discover new titles to purchase to make game night even more fun. Your machine comes pre-loaded with 11 titles so you can start gaming right out of the box. Choose from freestanding consoles or a bartop—whichever fits best in your game room. Competitive gamers will love the online leaderboards to keep an eye on the competition. Just connect your iiRcade machine to WiFi to enjoy. There's even jukebox mode, which lets you play music from the high-quality speakers on the console.

A Unique Touch in Your Home

If you want to add something truly unique to your home, an iiRcade console is a great option. Their marriage of old-school gaming with modern technology means that there's something for everyone to enjoy. If you're building a game room, a man cave, or just want something else to do at home, these game consoles can fit any room. Whether you love hosting game nights or love trying to beat your own high score, you can easily spend hours in front of these machines. Enjoy hours of entertainment alone or with friends from the comfort of your home. Want to learn more about the iiRcade brand or their products? Reach out to our gaming specialists at 800-860-3577 for more information. It's time to play.