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Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

Discover all the benefits of why these hands-free autonomous robot vacuums are really worth it, and what makes them so popular.

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Robot vacuums have become a common piece of household cleaning equipment and it's easy to see why. For starters, they're easy to use and offer hands-free cleaning. They're also quite compact and easy to store in a home with limited space.
Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?
Robot vacuums can get expensive, leaving many homeowners wondering what makes them so special and whether or not they're worth it. That said, there are models for every budget. So, while top of the line models might stretch past the $1,000 mark, entry level units will only set you back two to three hundred dollars.
So are robot vacuums worth it? We're here to break it down for you and offer some insight into what makes these vacuums so popular.
What Are Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

What Are Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

First, let's talk about what makes a robot vacuum cleaner. Essentially, a robot vacuum is an autonomous floor cleaning device that you can program to clean up dust and dirt when and where you need it.
Capable of cleaning carpet, tile, and hardwood floors, robot vacuums work in many of the same ways as a manual vacuum. However, these hands-free devices do the work for you, reducing the time and effort you have to spend cleaning the house.
Over the years, they have become more mainstream, which means they've become much more affordable as well. But a lot of this has to do with their technological refinement, which has allowed these devices to evolve into hands-free cleaners that require little to no human interaction.
Advantages of Robot Vacuums

Advantages of Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuum cleaners offer many advantages over standard vacuum cleaners. So if you're in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, don't pass these by. They may offer exactly what you're looking for—and more!

Ease of Use

Robot vacuums once left some homeowners with a bit of technophobia. But these cleaning machines are much more user-friendly than you might expect. Once you set up a program for a room or space, the vacuum pretty much runs itself. And with the more recent innovations of Smart Home devices, these handy vacuums have become even more popular.
Modern models have become even more advanced and refined. You can find self-regulating units that avoid mishaps like getting stuck on surfaces and objects or tumbling down stairs. Once set up, these vacuums can assist those with mobility issues by cleaning those hard to reach places all by themselves. This makes them perfect for homes of the elderly and disabled.

Cuts Down on Cleaning Time

If there was a new device that could replace cleaning time with family time, wouldn't you take advantage of that? Robot vacuums can run while you're eatng dinner or even while you're away at work. Almost entirely self-sufficient, these vacuums allow you to program cleanings around your schedule for the ultimate convenience. You can also run them while you're completing other household chores, essentially doubling your efficiency and leaving you with more time to spend with your loved ones.

Vacuums Different Surfaces and Levels of Dirt

Robot vacuums also work on a number of surfaces throughout the home, such as carpet, wood floors, linoleum, and even concrete. Some high-end models can even transition between the various surfaces during the same cleaning cycle. And with sensors to detect stairs and avoid collisions, you simply set it and forget it as the robot vacuum makes light work of cleaning all kinds of floors.
Besides the surfaces, robot vacuums can clean many types of dirt. It's great for sweeping up anything—from a light layer of dust to debris that got buried in your carpet pile—with its powerful suction abilities. Built-in sensors are able to detect how much dirt it needs to tackle, passing over the area until it's spotless.

Compact Size

Robot vacuums are much smaller than standard, manually operated vacuum cleaners. Shaped like a disc, these vacuums can be stored under a bed or in a closet, freeing up space for more important things. They're also quite light, meaning you no longer have to lug around a heavy chunk of machinery from room to room as you clean. Also, due to their low-profile design, they're able to reach places a regular vacuum can't—like beneath furniture.


As mentioned, robot vacuums have been on the market for many years already. What once was an expensive novelty has now become much more commonplace due to competition. And for homeowners, that's a good thing because it's also reduced their cost, making them much more attainable for the standard household. While they can reach the $1,000 range with lots of bells and whistles, you can find them around the $200 range as well. There's truly something to fit every homeowner's budget.


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