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Indoor Grill & Sandwich Maker Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy the various types of indoor grills and sandwich makers.

Getting Started

Indoor grills, Panini grills, and sandwich makers are an inexpensive ways of turning a plain sandwich into a hot snack. They are available in a huge range of styles and colors. The first thing you should consider is whether you want a sandwich toaster or a grill, which is more expensive, but more versatile.
Indoor Grill Buying Guide 2022 Video
Indoor Grill Buying Guide 2022
Indoor Grill Buying Guide 2022 Video Indoor Grill Buying Guide 2022 Video
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Indoor Grill Types

Indoor Griddles/Indoor Grills

An electric Indoor Griddle offers a flat cooking surface with steady heat that's evenly distributed. Controls let you set the cooking temperature to low, medium, high or on a specific temperature, depending on the model. With Indoor Grills there's no need to check the weather for optimal grilling temperatures, since they let you make your favorite outdoor meals and more in the convenience of your home. As an added bonus, you'll have the benefit of doing some healthy, low-fat cooking since many electric indoor grill models are designed to drain away meat fat into a drip tray. With features such as changeable and dishwasher-safe plates, adjustable thermostats, and the ability to sear then grill with a built-in broiler, an indoor grill is the perfect appliance for a delicious grill experience.

Panini Grills

Panini Grills are for making grilled, pressed sandwiches. The cooking plates on a Panini grill are either flat or slightly ribbed and, like many other electric grills, they cook on both sides. Many Panini grills can now also grill burgers and steaks as well. Panini Grills are generally smaller than other electric grills and are a great choice for college students or small kitchens.

Sandwich Maker

A Sandwich Maker is a simple electrical device for mainly toasting square pieces of bread. Just place a bread sandwich inside, power on and the hotplate will toast the sandwich. You can get a sandwich maker ranging from a one piece to four piece model. A sandwich maker has become an essential appliance for a modern kitchen and can considerably reduce the time and effort spent preparing breakfast.

Indoor Grill Features

Non-Stick Surfaces

With a non-stick surface, clean up is easier than ever before. Plus, the coating prevents crusts of bread or melted cheese from hanging on to the grilling surface. Just make sure not to use any nonstick cooking spray oils. These can actually ruin the finish of the grill plates. Instead, use regular cooking oils like olive or avocado oil, and only use them on the food itself—not the grill. That way, food stays tasty and your grill keeps its shiny finish.

Floating Hinges

Floating Hinges allow for more versatility regarding the size and thickness of the sandwiches you can make on them.

Multiple Settings

Some indoor grills and sandwich/Panini makers have adjustable thermostats and multiple settings allowing you to decide how hot and crisp you want a sandwich to be.

Removable Grill Plates

Removable Grill Plates are a nice added bonus because they allow you to clean them in the sink or use other inserts instead.

Locking Hatch

A Locking Hatch feature locks the electric grill into a closed position, allowing you to store the grill upright. This is a great feature to have when grilling around children because it protects curious hands from accidental burns.

Dishwasher Safe

Electric Grills are popular because their nonstick surfaces are easy to clean, but some grills now have removable grill plates that are dishwasher safe.