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What is MagSafe Charging?

MagSafe is a magnetic technology from Apple that is built into iPhone and Mac for faster wireless charging. Learn the difference between MagSafe and traditional wireless charging below.
Blue iPhone with clear MagSafe phone case on

What is MagSafe?

MagSafe is a wireless technology developed by Apple to make your iPhone or Mac laptop easier and more convenient to use. While the technology looks slightly different between these devices, they both employ magnets for easier, safer and faster charging on Apple devices. While the most popular option is MagSafe charging, there are many other accessories with this magnet-based technology including phone cases, car mounts and tripods. Additionally, these magnets are designed to only attract each other, so other magnetic items in your home won't get stuck to your Apple device.

How Does MagSafe Work?

MagSafe works differently in iPhone and Mac. In iPhone, there is a ring of magnets around the Qi wireless charging coils, which creates a close fit and faster charging. The ring of magnets makes it easy to connect to magnetic MagSafe chargers and a slew of other MagSafe-compatible smartphone accessories. The alignment permits charging at a higher wattage, which is what makes this technology charge fastr. While this alignment is only possible in iPhone 12 and later models, the MagSafe charger's Qi compatibility means it can also be used with older models like iPhone 8, just without the magnetic alignment. Apple makes a MagSafe charger that perfectly aligns with the ring of magnets inside their phones. As for Mac laptops, magnets connect the charger to the charging port, which helps prevent damage to your laptop if the cable is accidentally pulled out. The magnets inside the charging connector and charging slot create a secure connection. MagSafe for Mac charges faster than previous USB-C cables were able to.

MagSafe vs. Wireless Charging

What makes MagSafe different from traditional wireless charging? Most importantly, it offers faster wireless charging compared to Qi-enabled wireless chargers. Additionally, the magnetic connection ensures more secure charging, whereas certain cables or accessories on other chargers can be loosened unintentionally, affecting the time it takes to get a full charge. While some wireless chargers have trouble working through a phone case, there are specific MagSafe phone cases that help protect your phone without interfering with charging. Wireless charging uses the Qi standard in many devices including iPhone, but it is an inefficient charging method.
Black iPhone sits on a round wireless charger

Made for MagSafe vs. MagSafe Compatible

While Apple invented MagSafe charging, they aren't the only brand that makes MagSafe products. Reputable cell phone accessory brands like Belkin make "made for MagSafe" accessories, which means that the item has been developed and tested in accordance with Apple's guidelines. On the other hand, many brands make MagSafe compatible accessories, which means that they have not been tested with Apple's guidelines. These accessories are often more affordable, but they won't charge as quickly as "made for MagSafe" products. You'll have to weigh the importance of budget versus charge time to determine which of these accessories is best for you.

In Summary

If you own an iPhone or MacBook, MagSafe charging is a great way to restore your phone or laptop battery faster. With a variety of other MagSafe accessories available, this technology will help you get the most use out of your Apple smartphone or laptop.

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