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mophie: Wireless Accessories for the Future

For more than a decade, the engineers at mophie have been pushing the boundaries of all the ways you can upgrade a smartphone. And these pocket computers need help now more than ever. With glass-coated bodies replacing the metal and plastic frames of the past, a simple rubber casing can only protect against so much. That's why mophie accessories are built to last, from their UV sanitizers to their cases. Whether you're a forever fan of Apple or will never part with your Samsung Galaxy, your gear deserves proper protection—as well as a dedicated charging space. Find the Qi-enabled UV wireless charging solution that's best for you at Abt.

Upgrade Your Electricity Game

Traditional chargers for mobile gadgets like wireless headphones often involve too-short cords that can break within months (or even weeks) of use if you're not careful. If you're sick of losing or breaking your device's specialized power cords, pick a quiet spot in your home and dedicate it to powering up your gear with help from mophie cord-free chargers. You might want to keep yours on a bedside table at night or at your desk during the day for easy access. Wherever you place yours, make sure the one you pick has enough wattage for everything you need. If you're always equipped with gear like earbuds, smartwatches, phones and tablets, you'll want to invest in a multi-gadget pad, but if you only need to electrify one thing at a time, consider keeping things small-scale with one of their smaller fast-charging pads.

Go Truly Wireless

We can't always leave your gear in one spot for hours, especially if you're in a hurry or work in an older building with fewer outlets. Instead of leaving your things in another room to charge, equip your space with one of mophie's completely wireless charging stands. Users charge the stands ahead of time, then let their screens rest against the angled foundation to power up at the fastest speed they can handle. And with the ability to penetrate through cases that are 3mm thick or thinner, there's rarely a need to take the case off your machine. Keep an eye out for notifications onscreen with help from the upturned angle, then pack up both your charger and phone once you're finished powering up.

Powering All Things Qi-Enabled

While classic cables can often be specific to models or brands, mophie wireless chargers are equipped to electrify any device that's Qi-enabled—working via induction technology. This short-distance energy transmission makes it easy to keep your machine going all day long. Not sure if your system is Qi-enabled? A quick internet search will yield results. Alternatively, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. We'll be happy to help you find the best power option for your device. For more information, read up on all the basics with our Cell Phone Buying Guide to brush up on how certain models differ from each other. And who knows? You just might be due for a new one.

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