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Abt Presents Perfect Gifts For A Favorite Nest Featherer

Beth Botts, Pamela Sherrod, Elaine Matsushita and Kevin Hunt
Published November 28, 2004

Sweaters are perfectly OK. So are jewelry, ties, silk pajamas, scarves and all that. We just happen to be partial to homey gifts for the holidays. And so, for the seventh year running, the Home&Garden staff offers our picks for lovely gifts of domesticity.

iCruze Control

The iPod sounds a little queasy with some connectors that hook up the digital music player to your car's stereo system. Maybe it gets carsick with wireless connections that use an FM transmitter or a funky little cassette that pops into your deck. The iCruze from Monster and SoundGate promises a direct connection through your car's CD changer or satellite radio that will make the iPod sound more like a real stereo system. It's $200 at Abt Electronics, 1200 Milwaukee Ave., Glenview, 800-860-3577, For more Information, visit

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