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Insider Tips About The New iPad & Apple TV From an Apple Tech Guru

By Jason Sherman | 03/09/2012

I just spoke to Josh Davis, who is the manager of Abt Electronics Apple Boutique and here is what he had to say about the new iPad:

Q: Do you think the upgrade is worth it?

A: The people that were at the event when Apple announced the new iPad and got to see the presentation saw how the new iPad will change the way tablets work. Instead of just consuming data and projecting it onto the screen, the new iPad can ultimately help you create original content. Using apps like iMovie and iPhoto coupled with the new Retina display resolution, things will just look and act much different. Keep your eyes peeld for the new apps, because they will blow our minds in the months to come.

Q: That sounds pretty awesome. What would you like to see Apple implement in the near future in any of their products?

A: Well I use Apple TV quite frequently mainly for sharing content. For instance I use iMovie to make a movie, send it to iTunes, and then I can watch it on my 50" HDTV. I also like using it to stream photos to the HDTV. You can watch Netflix, rent iTunes movies, watch sports, etc.

But what I'd really like to see is developers to start working on apps that are cross compatible with both low & high resolution devices. It would be great if you could click on an icon on Apple TV and check out a list of apps that are compatible with the HDTV resolution. Imagine having the world's largest iPad on your HDTV. With a lot of competitors offering WIFI integration in HDTV's or blue ray players, web apps are now available at the touch of a button.

Android has a really great marketplace (just recently changed to Android Play) that seems to really compete head to head with the Apple app store. So for Apple to really take charge, they could benefit by making high resolution games or apps to work on Apple TV, instead of just the iPhone or the iPad.

With mirroring your iPad to your HDTV, you can kind of accomplish this, but it's still not the same thing. But what would be great is if you bypass the iPad altogether, and just have the same resolution on your HDTV for the same apps.

Q: Thanks Josh, that was extremely informative! I look forward to Apple hopefully enhancing their Apple TV store! Is there anything else you'd like to add?

A: Sure, if anyone is in the market for a new iPad, I can help them trade in their old iPad for store credit on our website.

Once the new iPad comes out on March 16, they can call in and buy a new iPad using the store credit.

If anyone has any comments or wants to talk about Apple TV or the new iPad, please leave some comments and share on Facebook and Twitter....thank you :)

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