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Expansion Announcement: Abt Electronics and Appliances Adds 100,000 Sq. Ft. to its Warehouse

Expansion Announcement: Abt Electronics and Appliances Adds 100,000 Sq. Ft. to its Warehouse

Abt Electronics and Appliances in Glenview, IL already holds the title of the largest independent, single-store retailer of appliances and electronics in the country — and soon it will be even larger. Abt will be adding 100,000 square feet to the already massive warehouse bringing the total square footage of the Abt building to just under 450,000 square feet.

"In simple terms, we needed more space," says Co-President Mike Abt. "We've been continuing to add product categories in recent years (mattresses, furniture, water heaters) that not only create additional stock to store, but are also very bulky items." Abt adds, "People are buying bigger appliances. Fridges are growing, TVs are growing, so we needed a way to stock those larger items; expanding the warehouse will allow us be more efficient in the way we operate."

In keeping with Abt’s dedication to being a green business, the company is exploring the use of geothermal energy for heating the new area, as well as potentially utilizing solar panels. Like the rest of its warehouse, it will feature energy-efficient, motion-sensor activated LED lighting, so that lights are on only when someone is working there.

The expansion will also allow a more efficient delivery system. Abt will be adding 50 loading docks, which means trucks can get in and out quicker, getting products to customers even faster, and saving labor hours at the store; Abt plans to break ground on the new warehouse addition by July.

This exciting announcement comes on the heels of the family-owned retailer earning “Best Overall for Large Appliances”, four years in a row, according to Consumer Reports. Abt scored high marks in such areas as product selection, service, and checkout ease — it was also among the best for low prices.