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Videos for Fisher & Paykel Series 7 24" Stainless Steel Liquid Propane Gas Cooktop - CG244DLPX1N

This Fisher & Paykel gas cooktop is the perfect model for those who live in small, rural spaces with liquid propane as a fuel. And with features like a small 24" profile and the auto-reignite system, it's a great fit. But is it the perfect model for your needs? To help shoppers understand the appliances they're looking for, our experts have crafted a video gallery playlist filled with clips on how to choose and install a rangetop. To learn more, start the playlist and see just what might be right for your home.

Start with our cooktop buying guide video, a clip designed to help watchers narrow down their options when choosing a new cooktop. Step one is to know your power source, as the video says, and this pick is powered by liquid propane. That makes this a good model for homes in rural spaces powered by liquid propane. Other things to consider include burners and burner output. This slim model has four burners, including a mighty wok burner for higher heat needs. Fisher & Paykel is known for their luxury features, and this wok burner falls under that category. Next up is our video on how to install a cooktop—it's not too difficult to manage in most cases with a little bit of hard work and help from our video. Hoping to learn more? Reach out to our team of range experts at 800-860-3577: whether you're looking for a luxury range in a rural home or something for a mobile living space, we can help find the perfect model.