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Videos for Hestan 15" Stainless Steel Left-Hinge Outdoor Ice Machine - GIML15

If you want to keep your beverages cool at your backyard hangouts, then the Hestan 15" stainless steel left-hinge outdoor ice machine could be a great addition to your patio. But before you start customizing your outdoor kitchen area, press play on the videos in this gallery. Here, we'll give you more insight into the ice makers at Abt so you can choose an ideal model for all your barbecues and picnics. This ice maker from Hestan can produce up to 55 pounds of top-hat ice every 24 hours and has enough capacity to store 22 pounds at a time within the built-in storage bin. The appliance is heavily insulated, self-contained and air-cooled with a front-in, front-out airflow.

If you've never invested in an ice maker model for outdoor use before, our resourceful video gallery will have your back as you take a look at our selection. We'll teach you about the various benefits an ice-making machine can bring to your backyard or your kitchen, as this model is both indoor and outdoor-friendly. We'll also tell you more about the specifications to pay attention to including types of ice, ice storage, appliance sizes, types of ice makers and ice production. Still left with questions about these compact makers? Turn to our ice maker buying guide or speak to our refrigeration experts for further support at 800-860-3577.