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Videos for Edifier G5000 Black Hi-Res Bluetooth Gaming Speakers - G5000

If you're an avid gamer looking to create a more immersive experience while playing on your computer, the Edifier G5000 Hi-Res Bluetooth gaming speakers are a must-have for your setup. But before you take your gaming to the next level, let our videos tell you more. Here, we'll provide you with all the information you need about the computer speakers carried at Abt. These devices from the Edifier brand are capable of handling higher-resolution audio and they promote richer sound details in every game you play, thanks to the flagship acoustic configuration. The speakers offer three sound effect modes for different gaming styles and 11 different ambient lighting modes. They also support a variety of connection types, including USB, AUX, coaxial and optical.

If you've never purchased computer speakers for your daily gaming, our videos can teach you about their audio benefits before you choose a model. We'll help you narrow down your options by speaker size, price range and the sound quality you desire, so every gaming soundtrack sounds as good as the last. Once you're finished watching, you'll be ready to give your computer setup a complete makeover. Still have questions about these speakers? Our very own audiophiles can assist you with anything you need at 800-860-3577.