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Videos for LaCie 1TB Mini USB 3.0 External Hard Drive - 301558

When you're ready to back up the files that are important to you, come to Abt for a LaCie hard drive. This mighty data storage device is here to keep what you need safe, whether you're using it for your business, backing up scholarly works or keeping your family photos safe (or all three at once). To learn more about external storage drives like this one, check out our video gallery. Our main clip here is a buying guide. Here, our technologist Carl discusses different types of drives, like hard disk drives and solid state drives.

First up for discussion are hard disk drives like this one by LaCie. These are often designed to be very affordable, fitting into budgets for nearly anyone who needs one. These external hard drives can store more than solid state drives as well. There are some cons to these budget-friendly heavy hitters. The biggest one? They're not as fast as an SSD, and moving parts inside mean that any falling could cause damage within. That's why this nifty model by LaCie is designed for shock resistance, is ready for drops and has that iconic orange rubber sleeve for everyday protection. To learn more about whether an SSD or HDD is best for your storage needs, call our team at 800-860-3577 to speak to an expert.