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The stand-alone VCR has all but disappeared from store shelves, but if you've got a collection of home VHS movies and no video player to view them, a DVD/VCR Combo player is the perfect choice. With one single machine, you can view both DVDs and VHS tapes. Also consider a DVD/VCR combo video player that allows recording from the VCR player onto a blank DVD disc, future-proofing your video collection.

If you haven't fully transitioned from VHS tapes to DVDs, you can get a DVD/VCR combo video player to easily make the switch. Adding a DVD/VCR combo unit makes watching both DVDs and VHS tapes easier, and clears up space on your component shelf by giving you just one video player to watch both formats. If your VCR player is in need of replacement, but you're not ready to give up on VHS just yet, there's no better way to go than with a DVD/VCR combo. Recording old home movies from VHS to DVD lets you easily share and enjoy family memories for years to come. Recording

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