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ASUS Monitors: Crystal-Clear Picture for Work & Play

Your computer setup is only as good as your monitor. After all, the computer display is how you view research papers, work projects, or the hottest new game. ASUS monitors come in so many styles so you can find the perfect one for your space. Whether it's a compact 15" portable monitor or a grandiose 35" monitor, you'll experience your work projects and games as you never have before. When browsing our selection of ASUS monitors, consider your own computer needs. If you're a photographer, videographer, or graphic designer, the ProArt line is literally made for you. Available in multiple screen sizes, these screens feature industry-leading color accuracy so you can produce breathtaking projects for your clients. These art monitors are designed for whiter whites, deeper blacks, and greater contrast that comes closer to replicating how the human eye sees more than any other monitor. If you're a workhorse who takes their projects on the go, the ZenScreen collection of portable monitors lets you work and play from airplanes, the train, or your local coffee shop. Thanks to their light weight and ultra-slim design, these monitors pair perfectly with your ASUS laptop for an enhanced mobile work experience. Another important factor to consider is the refresh rate, or Hz, of the monitor. Luckily, all of our ASUS monitors offer exceptional refresh rates, which means that the images that make up a video change quickly to create the illusion of movement. Smooth video playback depends on a high Hz measurement. In games, for example, a higher Hz means smoother rendering so you're not distracted by choppy, pixelated graphics. You'll notice that portable monitors have a lower refresh rate than the gaming monitors, for example, because a high refresh rate is essential to see a game's graphics as they were meant to be viewed.

If you're in the market for a new gaming monitor, ASUS has several great options. With their curved monitors, you can feel truly immersed in the world of your favorite game. Additionally, the curved shape resembles the curved surface of our eyes, which allows for less eye strain while you game. Pairing multiple curved monitors allows them to encircle you for a truly immersive experience; instead of staring at a single screen, it will feel as if your opening is actually coming up behind you. If you prefer a classic setup or are working with limited space, ASUS also offers flat monitors. Flat monitors use space better and don't encounter the issues with glare that can happen with curved monitors. Luckily, ASUS offers both styles so you can choose the perfect option for your space. We know there are so many options, each with their own benefits. Figuring out which features you need and what certain terms mean can be confusing; that's where our computer monitor buying guide comes in. The guide breaks down which features are beneficial for which users to help you decide. If you still have questions, you can visit our Glenview store or call our experts at 800-860-3577.

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  • The tv arrived immediately, and in perfect condition. Very happy with my purchase and the shopping experience with Abt. Thanks for being so efficient!
    Ann H. - Albuquerque, NM
    May 30, 2021