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ASUS Wireless Routers

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ASUS Wireless Routers for Reliable Connectivity

A solid wireless connection is more important than ever. With so many people working and attending school from home, you need to be able to rely on your WiFi. A high-quality wireless router makes this possible. Wireless routers free you from tangled jumbles of cords and sitting near wall outlets. Abt offers both traditional wireless routers and new mesh routers from ASUS to suit a variety of connectivity needs. Individuals who work from home need a strong signal to work without disruptions or have Zoom meetings uninterrupted. You can have important client meetings without worrying about an interrupted connection or work on your big presentation without fear of losing your progress. As professional environments typically offer a reliable signal, it's important to be able to replicate that strength in your home office. It's also important to consider the router's WiFi standards. Many of these ASUS routers feature WiFi 5, but forward-thinking customers will be happy to see models that offer the latest and greatest WiFi 6, which is even faster and allows more devices to be connected at the same time. Abt also carries ASUS gaming routers that are designed for the unique demands of streamers and professional gamers. These ASUS wireless routers are designed to improve your online gaming performance, whether it's their Quad-Speed technology to eliminate lag and buffering or their AiMesh support that connects the router to other routers to optimize your signal. Even if you're not working from home, having a strong, reliable signal makes using your phone, laptop, or gaming console much more enjoyable. You and your family can scroll social media, watch the latest Netflix show, or play video games without interruption.

ASUS wireless routers also come in mesh router styles. These new systems are great for large houses or structures that have components like aluminum studs and insulated walls that interfere with the wireless signal. They help spread the signal throughout your home so there aren't any dead zones. The systems work via one unit that connects to the modem then uses satellite units to cover your entire home. They are intelligent, being able to detect where you're using devices in the house so the signal can either be directed toward the nearest satellite unit or toward the main unit connected to the modem. These routers feature WiFi 6 for unbelievably fast speeds. If you work remotely or run your business from home, this speedy signal is a must. The system is sold together and if you really need to boost your signal, you can buy another set of units. Don't worry about having devices scattered about your home—with their compact size and minimalistic design, they can easily blend into your decor or hide behind other objects. Our ASUS routers will help you automate your home, whether you're using smart appliances in your kitchen or Nest cams. Be sure to prioritize your security when setting up a router, especially if you are connecting multiple devices. Set a password that isn't obvious and encourage guests to use the guest network, which is an option that Asus routers provide.

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