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Bluestar Rangetops: A Storied History, A Modern Legacy

How old was your last stove? Maybe it stayed in your family kitchen for five years, ten, or even longer. While BlueStar rangetops are renowned for their long lives, their historical legacy stretches back further than you'd expect—all the way back to 1880. Back then, coal stoves were all the rage, and appliances looked extremely different (no stainless steel to be found). Over 140 years later, BlueStar is still revolutionizing what quality looks like in the kitchen, and it certainly looks promising.

Unlike a starter stove, these cookers would make any professional chef jealous. Look for some of their most exciting features, like the 22,000 BTU UltraNova™ & 15,000 BTU Nova™ burners. These gas-fueled flames make it easy to power through large tasks, from boiling massive dutch ovens to keeping woks as hot as possible. For more delicate tasks like roasting peppers and simmering sauces, use the lower-powered simmer burners at the rear of your BlueStar rangetop.

Upgrade & Customize

These high-heat cookers aren't just versatile—you can actually personalize yours. BlueStar rangetops are just as customizable as their ovens or ranges (with over 700 color options to choose from, as well as metallic trims and colorful knobs). Finding the best one for your home is an exciting process of mixing and matching. Explore color options that'll be right at home in your dream kitchen, like a gold trim that matches your mod vibe, or go for a more expressive look with bright knob colors.

Then it's time to customize your cooktop—the parts that you actually use. Instead of normal burners, consider switching it up to match your cooking style. Swap two burners for a full griddle if everyone in your household is a breakfast fanatic. Make eggs, sausages, pancakes and more here, or prep the ideal grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. If griddles aren't your thing, check out their charbroilers and French top. And with one of the most high-powered French tops on the market, these are alluring finds for anyone interested in high-heat cooking.

Complete Your Kitchen with a Matching Oven

While these BlueStar rangetops are more-than-adequate cookers, they're only half of the equation. Don't forget to include a wall oven (or two) when designing your space. Single or double wall ovens help to class up any dream kitchen, and these ones are just as customizable as their other products. Instead of installing their default stainless steel versions, personalize these cookers as well. Match yours to your cooktop, pick the same color as your cabinetry for an uninterrupted flow or make a statement with a bold hue instead.

Not sure which design best fits your dream kitchen? If you're having trouble deciding, give us a call at 800-860-3577, or come see these cookers in person at the BlueStar Kitchen at Abt. Our fully functioning cooking space allows you to get up-close and personal with the equipment. On the weekends, you might even try one of our locally famous cookies—made within these ovens. Whether you're just looking for inspiration or are ready to buy, our team of experts is here with all the knowledge you need.

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  • I was pleasantly shocked at how quickly this shipped. Also appreciated all the updates on tracking. Love my corner Whirlpool corner microwave!
    Denise - Manhattan Beach, CA
    June 23, 2021