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Bosch Mixers: A Lighter Take on the Heavy Classic

Brightly colored stand mixers have been a must-have in any dream kitchen for the last few years. But when it comes to functionality, some of these heavy-weight models are clearly more for show. Experienced bakers and those looking to delve into exciting recipes should bench their starter models and opt for one of the more competent Bosch mixers. These countertop kitchen appliances are designed for those who need to prioritize both quality and quantity of what they're making, whether that's a vanilla bean whipped cream, dozens of cookies, a multi-layered cake, or a simple batch of brownies.

There's no hidden method to their mixing method—Bosch mixers turn the technology on its head (literally) by placing the spinning motor beneath the bowl instead of above it. With a little help from gravity, double-sided mixing heads spin around the central motor. Dual wire whips, double cake paddles and twin dough hooks ensure that your blends combine quickly and efficiently. And with tools that actually scrape the edge of your bowl while blending, your prep time just got reduced. You'll be doing less stopping and scraping your dry ingredients down to the bottom of the bowl. Top your bowl with a splash cover to ensure that no important ingredients escape—like that precious teaspoon of baking powder.

Plastic or Metal?

When it comes to construction, some of these devices are built nearly entirely from plastic, while others feature stainless steel bowls and a tougher build. Don't shy away from the plastic version just because it isn't as shiny—these whippers are beloved among those in the baking community. That's partially because of just how light they are. Instead of hauling a 25 pound stand mixer from your lower kitchen cabinetry to the island, you'll be scooping up a lighter plastic version that's only 15 lbs. That 10 pounds makes a big difference—especially when you're moving it around, and when you're working with heavy batters. The stainless steel version is only a few pounds heavier, making both of these buys better than many competitors.

Whichever one you pick, the suction-cup feet ensure that your machine won't be moving anywhere—even at its highest speed. With these suction cup feet, heavy bread doughs will be no match for both the bowl and dough hook, which mimics the folding action of human hands. Attach different accessories and extensions to get even more functionality out of your Bosch mixer. Grind meat, shred cheese, spiralize veggies to make healthy pasta alternatives and squeeze fresh juices all with one machine. Keep yours on your counter for easy access or store it in the pantry to keep your space as clear as possible.

Not Sure Which One Is Best for Your Baking Needs?

If you're having a hard time deciding between Bosch mixer models, you won't have to tackle the decision alone. Instead, do a bit of homework and read up on our Mixer Buying Guide. Here, you'll learn all about the different types of appliances, from the budget-friendly handheld versions to classic stand versions. If you're in search of more personal help, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577 or stop by the store to speak to one of our experts. We've been helping people to build and outfit their dream kitchens for years, and our team brings decades of experience to the table.

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