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Citizen Men's Watches: Keep Your Life On-Trend

With the advent of the modern smartwatch, you might expect classic wristwear to feel a little sidelined. Many feature functions like step counters and phone connectivity—some might even wonder why they should return to a classic model like those found in Citizen men's watches catalog. But you simply can't beat the natural style and modern look of these timepieces—as well as their low-maintenance battery life and multifunctionality. And simply browsing through their collection will reveal their greatest strength over a plain-faced "smart" version: their three-dimensional style is one you won't find anywhere else. From shining ridged bezels to glossy faces and colorful straps, this collection shows off depth and style, end each one lends its user a sophisticated look. Find yours in the Time Boutique at Abt.

The Promaster

While their collection of wristwear is broad (containing some inspired by superheroes and others displaying beloved cartoon characters), none are as iconic as the Promaster. This series of sport-focused products encompasses just about anything you can do on earth, in the air, and under the sea. Wherever you spend your time, find a Promaster that matches your style. Diving models ensure that professional divers can keep time thanks to water resistance of up to 200 meters deep. Meanwhile, professional pilots will appreciate Citizen men's watches with slide rule bezels that can help to track data like speed, distance, fuel consumption, and even unit conversions. Those unit-converting functions make these models great for calculating tips on date night, too.

Powered by Light

Whichever Citizen men's watch you pick, you may already be dreading trying to replace the battery. So did the engineers who make these models, and so they decided to do things a little differently. Many of their wearables are powered by Eco-Drive instead of traditional batteries—they're powered by any kind of light, whether it's from the sun, a fluorescent bulb, or an incandescent lamp. They pioneered this technology back in 1976, and power a vast collection of their wristwear with the Eco-Drive system. With no need to toss away old batteries, your stylish design won't just look good on your arm—it'll be good for the planet. And don't underestimate the power of light. An Eco-Drive-enabled model can run in darkness for days, weeks, and even months with no access to light.

Invest in a Cohesive Style

Whether you're spelunking, piloting aircraft, golfing, or running your own business, Citizen men's watches accessorize your look with conspicuous panache. And while these pieces can elevate any clothing ensemble, you'll want to push the envelope even further—especially if you're inviting guests over or are restyling your professional office. Consider pairing your elegant new look with a striking clock on the wall or desk from the same stylists. Consider a bold face that looks just like the one on your arm, or opt for a more traditional look with brassy accents and a wood frame. Make sure it matches the feel of your home or office before you pick your favorite. Not sure which wristwear is best for your lifestyle? Check out our Watch Buying Guide or head into the store to speak to a specialist at the Time Boutique.

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