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Built-In Coyote Grills: Exemplary Outdoor Kitchens

The days of the three-legged grill standing alone on the lawn are over. Reinvent your backyard with built-in Coyote grills. Each of their shining stainless steel barbecues can handle the average grillmaster's needs, from searing burgers for the family's main course to blackening asparagus as a side dish. Unlike that old-fashioned freestanding barbecue, these monuments to design are made for the modern outdoor kitchen. Upgrade your patio island with built-in Coyote grills, or complete your collection with matching gear like undercounter refrigerators and sinks.

Choose Your Fuel

While all Coyote grills share a similar built-in stainless steel profile, each is a little different—and one of their most defining aspects is the fuel they cook with. Two grills that look identical on the same stone island could be fueled differently: one by charcoal and the other natural gas. Whether you're a first-time barbecuer or have decades of experience under your belt, take time to weigh the differences between liquid propane, charcoal, and natural gas. Charcoal is one of the oldest fuel sources for burger-flipping and can bring that authentic smoky and charred taste to anything you cook. Meanwhile, propane and natural gas grills are easier to start and quicker to heat, though some grillmasters insist that it's hard to compare the quality in flavor. Keep in mind that natural gas Coyote grills require an outdoor gas line, while liquid propane tanks can be added, removed, and refueled easily.

Whatever fuel source you choose, these built-in Coyote grills make it easy to keep your countertops looking stylish. Equip your outdoor kitchen with shining storage cabinets beneath your cooker and keep extra burnables down here. Store connected propane tanks, hide gas lines, and even bags of lump charcoal down here and away from others. That way, you retain a sleek look unburdened by empty tanks, charcoal bags, or hoses. Keeping your fuel securely stored with a built-in barbecue makes cooking outdoors safer for backyard chefs, guests, and families. There's no chance of accidentally tripping on cooking gear or knocking over tanks. When everything stays in its place, you'll have an easier time focusing on cooking up gourmet meals like tomahawk steaks, rotisserie chicken, and pork shoulder. Serve your meal up under the stars for the ideal summer night.

Fabulous Features

While fuel is an important aspect of any grill, it's not the only factor to keep in mind when exploring Coyote grills. These built-in barbecues are designed for next-gen cooking prowess. Instead of just flipping burgers, pick a grill that does everything you want it to. Look for options like infrared burners, interior grill lighting, extra square inches, and built-in rotisseries. If you're hoping to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen with all of the bells and whistles possible, opt for a built-in Coyote S-Series grill. The S-series is a professional-grade line of products that come with built-in rotisseries and infrared burners. Sear steaks, baste whole chickens, and bring searing heat to all your creations with these infrared-equipped cookers. If you're more of a casual barbecue fan, the models in the classic C-series should be more than enough to meet (and exceed) your expectations. Unparalleled power, a seamless design, and even heat projected across the entire grate ensure that every meal you make comes out tasting gourmet. Still not sure which grill is best for you? Give our experts a call at 800-860-3577 for more information, or check out our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide to learn more.

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