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Natural Gas Coyote Grills

When it comes to outdoor cooking, fewer things are more crucial than fuel sources. In fact, it's one of the most divisive topics in the barbecuing community. Some backyard chefs prefer cooking over charcoal, while others are committed to the unbeatable flavor infusion found in a wood pellet grill. Economical backyard cookers looking for a convenient and fuel-efficient way to sear steaks and flip burgers should consider a more modern option: natural gas Coyote grills. These cookers are backed by the high-tech grilling power that comes built in to every Coyote, along with shining stainless steel and an unbeatable sense of style.

Why Go For A Natural Gas Grill?

If you're unfamiliar with natural gas grills, they're not really all that different from a liquid propane version. Both use flaming burners to heat your food instead of a flammable solid like wood pellets or lump charcoal. But while liquid propane grills require a tank of refillable liquid propane, natural gas barbecues connect to your home's gas line for a fuel source that is unlikely to ever run dry. That means that when your low-and-slow barbecue session winds up going for an hour longer than you expected, you won't need to stop your cook and run out to refuel your tank at the gas station. Instead, your dependable natural gas line has you covered. An outdoor line hooks up to the same system that fuels your stove or gas dryer. That being said, this fuel type isn't for everyone. If you need a barbecue that can easily move from one side of the patio to the other, you're better off with a freestanding fuel source like charcoal or liquid propane. Natural (and propane) gas burners both have a hard time exceeding 600°F as well. If you like cooking at high temperatures, consider a different fuel source—or a model from Coyote Grills. Some S-series Coyote grills are equipped with infrared burners for searing. These infrared sear burners send high heat up at any food on the grates, creating dark, enviable sear marks on any food you cook.

Why Coyote Grills?

Coyote Outdoor Living's name says it all. These masters of the outdoor kitchen are focused on more than just flipping burgers; each product that they craft is designed to help you enjoy life outdoors, whether you're barbecuing for the neighborhood block party or cooking an unforgettable meal for the family. All Coyote grills are crafted with their signature stainless steel and crafted with next-gen features for the modern chef. Keep an eye out for features like foldable side tables, LED controls, and those infrared burners. If you're having a hard time determining which model is best for your lifestyle, start by weeding out the competitors. Opt for a built-in grill if you're interested in investing in an outdoor kitchen, or nix that idea entirely and choose a freestanding barbecue. Narrow down the field even further by picking a size, keeping in mind the amount of space you have as well as how many people you need to feed on the regular. Finally, take a closer look at those features, and think about which ones you love. Backyard chefs looking to expand their culinary horizons may find themselves falling in love with rotisserie-equipped barbecues and 304 stainless steel.

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