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Fire Up Your Coyote Charcoal Grill

Nothing beats the experience of using a charcoal grill. They’re classic for a reason. Charcoal cooking is the easiest way to infuse your food with smoky, fresh off the grill taste. Choosing charcoal means choosing high heat and customizable cooking zones by simply moving the charcoal around. Low heat smoking is also possible on your Coyote charcoal grill. Heat up your coals and let the mouth-watering smell fill your backyard. If you're a fan of traditional charcoal grills, look no further than Coyote.

Traditional grilling doesn't mean outdated aesthetics or technology. Coyote charcoal grills and smokers are made of 304 stainless steel and feature double-walled stainless steel hoods, stainless steel burners, and zinc nickel alloy knobs. The resulting product is sleek, durable, and powerful. Stainless steel is easy to clean, resists corrosion, and heats evenly so your food cooks perfectly under the hood. Their sleek, polished appearance helps these outdoor grills seamlessly integrate into your outdoor kitchen. These Coyote grills are available as built-in or freestanding models to suit your setup, whether you live in an urban area or have a sprawling outdoor kitchen. You can choose to use either charcoal or wood chips in your Coyote charcoal grill depending on your flavor preferences. Using wood chips allows you to mix and match between flavors like mesquite and hickory for a custom experience, but charcoal will obviously give that classic grilled flavor. Wood chips can be tossed on top of the charcoal to produce smoke quickly. This feature means you don't have to purchase a separate smoker box.

Compact Cookers, Simple Smoking

Coyote's line of Asado freestanding cookers is the answer to your smoking needs. These Coyote grills feature Coyote’s Signature Smoking Grate™ to evenly diffuse heat for perfect slow cooking. This grate features evenly distributed holes to prevent hot spots. A cooking grate can be placed on top if you’re looking to sear or add grill marks. These cookers can smoke, sear, or grill to cook a variety of foods. If you don't have space in your yard or on your balcony for a full-sized charcoal grill, these compact models are a great solution. Their ceramic construction traps heat to extend the grilling season into the fall. Maintaining a consistent temperature is imperative to smoking so Coyote installed a dual vent system in their Asado smokers for temperature management.

Your Coyote charcoal grill is sure to be your new favorite appliance. With add-ons like signature grates, a stainless steel griddle, grill carts, and weather-resistant covers, you can enhance your grilling experience. Signature grates are designed to cook smaller foods that might fall through traditional grates and the griddle is great for eggs or pancakes for a backyard brunch. Please note that charcoal grills should not be built into outdoor islands made of combustible materials and there is no insulated jacket available. It's time to get grilling. Whether you're grilling, smoking, or slow cooking, adding a Coyote charcoal grill to your backyard oasis will have you cooking like a grill master. If you're unsure which Coyote grill is right for you, call one of our grilling experts at 800-860-3577 for a product recommendation or check out our outdoor grill buying guide.

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