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Coyote Grill Smoker Accessories

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  • Coyote - CSTUBE - Grill Smoker Accessories Coyote - CSTUBE - Grill Smoker Accessories
    Abt Model: CSTUBE
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    Smoker Tube Insert For Pellet Grills/ Stainless Steel Finish
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Unbeatable Flavor with Coyote Grill Smoker Accessories

Your Coyote Asado smoker is the focal point of your backyard. It's the place where you create delicious meals for the people who matter most. Adding the right accessories to your smoker makes cooking easier and more convenient while also giving you more options for meals. Cooking on a smoker is a popular choice for outdoor chefs as it imparts a unique flavor that can't be replicated with other cooking methods or appliances. Low, slow cooking also lets you step away from the grill or smoker so you can take a break and enjoy time with family and guests. The smell and flavor of the smoke makes your backyard feel like a BBQ restaurant while giving various cuts of meat rich flavor and a distinct appearance. Smoker accessories will have you making restaurant-quality ribs and brisket in no time.

Cooking with charcoal is a classic for a reason. Most non-charcoal grills feature technology to replicate the distinct flavor of food cooked on a charcoal grill because it is smoky and nuanced, but nothing compares to actually cooking your food over charcoal, woodchips, or a combination of both. The burning fuel creates smoke that flows upward to the food on the grates above it, wrapping your meal in flavor. Coyote sells 100% natural charcoal to accompany any of their charcoal grills or smokers so you can smoke food knowing that no harmful chemicals will find their way into your food. Natural charcoal is also environmentally friendly so you can minimize your impact. Your smoker accessories help create heating zones on your grill so you can cook different foods with different temperatures simultaneously.

Coyote's smoker accessories help your Coyote Asado smoker and cooker work its best. Food needs to be cooked to the right temperature and your smoker needs to stay well-maintained to make satisfying meals. Adding accessories will help you cook various dishes on your Coyote cooker including ribs, pulled pork, jerk chicken, or even corn on the cob. A smoker is a great addition for summertime entertaining that recreates the experience at your favorite barbecue restaurant from the comfort of your backyard. Another benefit of cooking on a charcoal grill or smoker is the temperature control as you decide how much fuel you want to use and where to place that fuel, which enables you to use indirect heat to achieve the low, slow cooking that's essential for smoked meats. When you combine your smoker accessories with other Coyote tools, you can cook meals that would normally require a slew of outdoor appliances like a wood-burning oven. The right accessories and tools turn your smoker into a multi-purpose outdoor kitchen appliance without breaking the bank. Dump your Coyote charcoal into the Asado smoker then set your pizza stone on top to create delicious BBQ chicken pizza with crispy crust. Coyote's tools and accessories are designed to work together to turn you into the neighborhood grill master. Your outdoor kitchen will be transformed into your family's private BBQ restaurant.

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  • First time customer---totally impressed! Very minimal time on phone hold, sales rep extremely helpful, fast delivery. Will be a repeat customer when the next opportunity arises.
    Sandra H. - Orinda, CA
    August 16, 2022