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Coyote Grill Tools & Gadgets

Your outdoor grill setup isn't complete without the right grill tools. Coyote designs their tools and gadgets to add convenience and versatility to your grill, whether it's electric, gas, or charcoal. Choose from a range of gadgets like pizza stones, infusers, grate grippers, and more to get the most use out of your grill, whether that's creating new dishes or cooking more efficiently so you can spend more time with your guests. Stop wasting money on greasy takeout pizza. You can make your own delicious pizza from home on your Coyote charcoal grill or smoker with their high-quality pizza stone. Coyote's pizza stone is made from ceramic that can withstand high grill temperatures so it won't crack. This stone can make medium to large pizzas so you can feed multiple people easily. It can also be used for flatbreads, cookies, or homemade bread for deliciously crispy edges. This simple grill tool turns your grill into your personal pizza oven without the space or cost of an extra appliance.

Using a chicken throne allows you to infuse chicken with your favorite flavors. Use vegetable broth, water with spices, beer, and more to create a dish that's as juicy as it is flavorful. Stop heating up beer cans. This convenient tool keeps chicken moist while giving it unbeatable flavor. Just sit your chicken or turkey on the throne after you've filled it with your flavoring method and fire up the grill. Seasoning the meat beforehand will help give it extra flavor. As your bird sits upright on the grill, fat will drip down and allow skin to get crispy and golden brown. Cooking a whole bird can be difficult and tends to create dry meat. With the right grill tools, you can experience chicken like never before.

Coyote also offers grill tools that simply make grilling easier. A heat deflector, for example, protects your food from direct heat so you can cook food at low, indirect heat for roasting or smoking. This not only gives you control over the cooking temperature on your grill but also adds a layer of protection as you're no longer cooking over an open flame. A grate gripper is a small yet mighty tool that helps you safely and easily remove grates from your outdoor grill to avoid touching hot or greasy grates. Like many of Coyote's tools, their grate grippers are made of stainless steel for durability and heat resistance so they can easily remove just-used grates from your grill without being damaged. With Coyote grill tools, making an amazing meal has never been easier. There are many ways to upgrade your grill to make new dishes or cook your favorite standbys more efficiently. High-quality materials and construction mean your tools are made to last for countless summers of grilling fun. Complete your setup with other Coyote grill accessories like side burners, griddles, covers and more to upgrade your experience from start to finish. No matter what your grilling goals are, we have the Coyote products to meet your needs.

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