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Coyote Grill Accessories

Coyote Grill Accessories: Grill Carts, Covers, Grates, & Burners

While a proper barbecue is the anchor of your outdoor living space, any grillmaster worth their spatula knows it's not the only thing you need to cook. Equip your outdoor kitchen with all the gear you need to make a complete meal with help from Coyote grill accessories. Complete your outdoor kitchen with equipment like side burners, drawers, carts, and cookware. Work to maintain your investment with a grill cover designed just for your specific barbecue, or give your Coyote grill a new lease on life with a new set of grates. Whatever your backyard is sorely lacking, find it in Coyote's catalog of accessories.

Complete Your Outdoor Kitchen

Built-in grills are some of Coyote's most popular sellers—these cookers are set directly into an outdoor island for a seamless look and ample counter space. That extra space can be put to work just like a stand, with storage space below and side burners alongside. Install a gas-fueled side burner (or two) into your counter to heat your secret ingredient barbecue sauces or sautee veggies for a side dish. Consider adding more storage compartments to your space as well. Stainless steel drawers and cabinets make it easy to access gear like cookware, grilling tools, propane tanks, and more. Each of these storage doors is made with 304 stainless steel for an unbeatable shine and unbreakable construction. Even keep serveware made from sturdy melamine out here as well—that way, there's no need to interrupt your grilling with a trip to the kitchen. The added functionality from extra storage and cooking gadgets means you can move your entire meal-making process outside, keeping other unnecessary trips back and forth to the kitchen to a minimum. Barbecue, serve, and clean up after your entire meal outside with Coyote grill accessories.

Peek Inside the Barbecue

High-quality stainless steel isn't just for outside the barbecue. Coyote crafts cookware, grates, and tools to ensure that no matter what you're making, you can cook it outside on the barbecue. For example, their drop-in griddle transforms the barbecue into a device where you can sear steaks on one side and fry eggs on the other. If you don't have space for a side burner, use this griddle to cook foods like eggs, bacon, sausages, and pancakes, or fragile veggies that would fall between the grates (like skinny asparagus). If your regular grilling grates are looking worse for wear (and all attempts to clean them have gone south) consider searching for replacement ones. Alternatively, look for specialty grates for your Coyote grill. Their signature laser-cut grates are built to cook foods that need a delicate resting spot—think salmon filets, shrimp skewers, and veggies. Each grate is designed specifically for the best airflow, surface area, and heat retention possible. Not sure what Coyote grill accessories are best for your outdoor kitchen? Start by considering the foods you love making, and what gear you need to create them. Brush up on the basics with our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide, or for more personalized help, give our grilling specialists a call at 800-860-3577. We'll help you to find the gear that's best for your lifestyle.

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