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Coyote Grill Side Burners

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Coyote Grill Side Burners

Coyote grills offer you efficient, high quality cooking. If you're looking to make entire meals outdoors, it's time to add some side burners to your setup. Available in natural gas and liquid propane models, these side burners are meant to compliment your Coyote grill. Each model is made of 304 stainless steel, which is ideal for cooking thanks to its corrosion resistance and easy cleanability. Their adjustable heat can reach outputs as low as 1,000 BTU, which is perfect for simmering homemade sauce. Even if you don't have an outdoor kitchen, there are also burners available that adapt to Coyote grill carts to add cooking space to smaller spaces. Choose from Coyote Power Burner models that have a natural or liquid propane gas connection to best fit your cooking needs. Power burners resemble classic gas grill cooktops so they're familiar and easy to use. Despite its power, this burner can reach outputs as low as 1,000 BTUs for simmering and outputs as high as 60,000 BTUs for heavy-duty meals. This dual valve burner allows you to place two pots or pans on the burner simultaneously without occupying as much space as a traditional double burner model. For smaller sauce pans, turn the dial to heat up the inner burner and crank the dial all the way up to activate the outer burner for larger projects. These burners also have a wok attachment to create easy yet flavorful stir fry. There is also an included lid so you can keep your burner clean while not in use or prevent children or guests from accidentally touching a still-hot burner.

Coyote also offers flat top, or teppanyaki, side burners. These flat cooking surfaces can cook a variety of foods, particularly ones that can't be cooked on a grill. Put together an outdoor brunch by making pancakes and eggs on your flat top side burner while sausage sizzles on the grill next to it. A griddle can cook just about anything, even steak or sausage. You can use flat side burners to cook meat, then throw them on the grill to add sear marks. Simply push and turn the polished control knobs to fire up your burner. When you're done using it, place the included cover on your burner to keep it clean and avoid injury. Depending on how much space you have, these are available in single and double burner models. A single burner is ideal if you have limited space but want to be able to cook side dishes or simmer sauce to accompany your grilled food. A double burner model allows you to easily multitask so you can complete your dishes at the same time. With a double burner you can simmer sauce while sauteing vegetables to accompany the meat cooking on your Coyote grill. Having a double burner also means you don't have to run back and forth from your indoor kitchen to finish a meal. Side burners are a convenient addition to your grill setup. With Coyote grills and accessories, you can build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. In addition to side burners, they offer outdoor refrigerators, sinks, and more to complete your setup.

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