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Coyote Liquid Propane Gas Grills

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Reliable Propane Gas Grills from Coyote

Liquid propane grills are a popular choice for grillers who want convenience and fire power. Propane gas grills start with the turn of a knob, no messy charcoal required. Because you use propane tanks and don't have to be connected to a natural gas line, you can place your grill in the most convenient place for cooking and don't have to worry about building your outdoor kitchen around a gas line. Additionally, it's easy to find propane tanks at gas stations, hardware stores or grocery stores so you can always keep your fuel stocked.

Coyote grills are loaded with features that set them apart from other propane gas grills. Every Coyote grill is made with 304 stainless steel for unrivaled durability and beauty. 304 stainless steel is highly compatible with kitchen appliances as it is easy to clean and has great corrosion resistance. That means that you can cook just about any kind of food on Coyote grills without damaging their shiny finish. The double-walled stainless steel hood effectively traps heat for even cooking, even as temperatures drop. The Infinity Burners™, grates, and component parts are all also made of stainless steel. If you prefer to host evening events, you’ll be glad to know that Coyote grills all come with interior lighting so you can see what you’re doing and ensure food is properly cooked before serving it to your guests. The independent burner ignition system gives you control over the flame. C-series grills feature stainless steel Heat Control Grids™ where S-series grills feature ceramic briquettes so you can choose the cooking method that best suits your needs and budget.

If you want a grill that does it all, S-series propane gas grills are made for you. Their ceramic briquettes offer optimal heat control so your food cooks evenly and efficiently. These Coyote grills feature backlit knobs to aid with late-night cooking while adding visual appeal. You can meet any food requests thanks to the included smoker box and rotisserie with infrared burner. With an S-series propane gas grill, you can cook burgers, ribs, whole roasted chickens, and even vegetables with the perfect amount of char. The integrated wind guard helps your grill exhaust properly to prevent overheating.

Complete your grilling setup with helpful add-ons. Coyote grills can also be equipped with a stainless steel griddle for outdoor brunch and also have weather-resistant covers to keep your grill clean and keep out pests. Coyote's optional laser-cut signature grates feature a unique design that allows for even heating and cooking but doesn't let smaller food like shrimp or asparagus fall through the grates. With a complete lineup of accessories, Coyote grills are designed to fit your needs. These propane gas grills are available in freestanding and built-in models to suit any outdoor space. Freestanding grills offer mobility while a built-in gas grill is perfect for the expert entertainer with an outdoor kitchen. With multiple widths available, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit. If you're feeling overwhelmed by choices, we’re here to help. Give one of our grilling experts a call at 800-860-3577 for a product recommendation.

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