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Coyote Grill Grates, Bars, and Briquettes

If your Coyote grill isn't running the way it used to, don't replace it just yet. It's possible you just need to replace your grill grates or ceramic briquettes. Proper maintenance and replacement of your grill grates will extend the life of your grill, improve its performance, and eliminate the need for costly replacement. Gently scrubbing built-up food or grease from grates after each use will make deep cleaning easier once it is time to do so. Cleaning is easy: once the grill is fully cool, use a bristle brush to clean them. After you rinse and dry the grates, coat them with vegetable oil to keep them seasoned and prevent rust. Like your Coyote grill, your grill grates are made to last. They're made of sleek, durable 304 stainless steel, which is perfect for food use. Stainless steel resists corrosion from acidic foods like tomatoes and is also easy to clean between uses. Properly cleaning your grill grates is essential to expand their life span which in turn will keep your Coyote grill working like new. There are replacement grids and grates available for any Coyote model so you can keep using your favorite appliance. The replacements are typically sold in sets of 3 so you can have backups or have a grill full of new grates.

Maybe you maintain your grates well and simply want backups. Having additional grill grates is useful to prevent cross contamination, which is helpful if you have a friend or family member with food allergies. You may also want to replace your traditional grill bars with the Coyote signature grates. Coyote specially designed these grates to be a beautiful and convenient addition to your grill. They're made of a sheet of stainless steel with strategic holes rather than traditional bars. Eliminating the wide spaces between bars allows you to cook smaller foods like shrimp or asparagus without worrying about them falling through to the briquettes below. There are three different designs to accommodate the unique cooking needs of different foods: large, wide slats for beef and pork, thin slats for chicken, and small, curved slats for seafood and vegetables.

Replacing your grates isn't the only way to keep your grill working properly. Coyote also supplies replacement ceramic briquettes for their grills. These briquettes sit above the burners and act like flavor enhancers that infuse your food with added flavor as juices drip on them. Ceramic heats evenly and provides radiant heat. Their even heat means that your grill doesn't have to work as hard to cook food, too. Just like grill grates, proper maintenance of your briquettes will keep them in good condition and prevent having to replace your entire grill. They are designed to easily remove from your grill so you can clean them regularly. Keeping your briquettes clean also makes grilling safer as there won't be built-up grease or food residue to cause flare ups. Coyote hasn't forgotten about charcoal grillers, either. Whether you have a compact 28" or massive 42" grill, Coyote offers replacement charcoal trays to update your grill. Like most Coyote products, these trays are made of stainless steel for even heating, easy cleaning, and durability.

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