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Coyote Grill Covers: All-Weather Protection

While picking out a barbecue can be tough, Coyote made this part of the buying experience hassle-free. Although accessorizing might be the easy part, easy doesn't mean that these engineers cut corners on the quality of protection this fabric provides. Coyote grill covers make protecting your new barbecue seamless and uncomplicated. Choosing which outdoor cooker is right for you and your family is an important (if difficult) task. That's why they made picking a protective cover simple and affordable. Maybe it's a natural gas model that you have your eyes on, or their newer wood pellet smoker sparks a fire in your inner grillmaster. Whichever barbecue you're in the market for, many of these fabrics are compatible with their built-in grills. That leaves the only thing for you to decide on: finding the perfect Coyote cooker for you.

Lightweight and easy to store when not in use, these grillmakers keep protection simple. There are no hard snaps, hidden zippers, or buttons to worry about. When you're done grilling and have allowed your barbecue to cool down, just place this Coyote grill cover over your barbecue for that extra layer of protection. Its lightweight fabric allows for easy folding and storing while grilling, too. Pull the Coyote grill cover up and off, then fold and forget about it until you're ready to use it again. Keeping your Coyote grill cover in good condition is as important as the upkeep for your built-in grill. The better the condition your cover stays in, the better job it does at protecting your investment. Made with treated black nylon, this cover is as easy to wash as it is to use. Water-based stains are a breeze to clean. All you need is a little mild soap and warm water. A hard bristled brush used with a non-water hydrocarbon-based dry cleaning solvent will remove those stains in a jiff for those harder to extract stains and spots.

If you happen to be someone who prefers the always-reliable washing machine, you're in luck! These fabrics are also machine washable. Remember that when using the washing machine, you should use the cool or cold water setting to ensure no stains set into your fabric. And when drying, be sure to avoid direct sunlight if line drying or air drying. If you're sticking with the washing machine method, be sure to maintain a low tumble cycle throughout the drying process. To ensure your new Coyote remains the same high-quality, high-performing barbecue that it was designed and built to be, protecting it is key. With a world of endless options and additions for your new Coyote built-in grill, you'll want to be sure to not skip out on one of the most important grill accessories of them all. Keep your investment in mind and in great condition. Here at Abt, we also know that there are many options to choose from, which can be overwhelming. If you find yourself stuck on which outdoor cooker is best for you and your home, just like this Coyote grill cover, Abt also has you covered. Refer to our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide to help ease the decision-making process and get grilling!

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  • We love our new Kamado Joe grill and have been using it a lot since it arrived. A great experience shopping with Abt - we live in a rural area and were impressed with the delivery right to our doorstep! We will definitely shop with Abt in the future.
    Samantha T. - Newfane, VT
    July 27, 2021