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Wood Pellet Coyote Grills

In the modern backyard, many grillers believe that gas cooking should be reserved for the kitchen stove. Next-gen grills have been replacing traditional cookers at increasing speed— and none are more popular than the wood pellet grill. If you're not familiar with these cookers, they work kind of like a smoker. Instead of using gas or charcoal as fuel, they burn compressed wood pellets. Any food that's cooked over these burning pellets is infused with flavorful smoke from mesquite, hickory, pecan, apple, or other smoking woods. These machines can both grill at high temperatures and smoke low and slow, giving grillmasters the freedom to cook signature recipes with their favorite smoky flavors. Coyote grills bring the concept of wood pellet grilling to the next level with exciting new technologies. There's a lot of mechanical know-how going on within each of these Coyote grills, both below the grate and within the touchscreen. Learn more about how Coyote wood pellet grills outrace the competition below.

An Intuitive Touchscreen

Unlike other pellet barbecues on the market, pellet-burning Coyote grills are controlled with a touchscreen. Instead of difficult-to-read knobs, the bright LED screen gives grillmasters access to all the information they need. Use the control panel to preheat your cooker, then set the temperature or mode. Smoking mode is at temperatures between 175° and 300°, while grilling mode is between 301° and 700°. While it's difficult for many gas-fueled grills to reach temperatures this high, Coyote pellet grills go even further beyond with three searing levels past the 700° mark for low, medium, and high searing. Set your desired temperature using the touchscreen, then monitor your current temperature and add pellets until you reach that cooking point. The clear touchscreen display makes it easy to know when you've reached that target. For an accurate understanding of how your proteins themselves are cooking, use the equipped temperature probes. These plug right into your smoker and display directly on the touchscreen. That way, you'll know exactly when your low-and-slow pork shoulder roast has reached completion. If you're grilling, use the temperature probes to deliver perfectly finished steaks, whether your family loves well-done dishes or a rare steak.

Load And Go

When it comes to loading wood pellet Coyote grills, adding your fuel is easy. Loading smoking wood can sometimes be messy, but these smokers are designed with a slide-out drawer that reveals the pellet hopper. It sits right between the user and the grates for easy access. Add your favorite wood flavors here and watch them spill down toward the augur, where they're carried away to the burner beneath your grates. Just because you don't see any direct flame doesn't mean that wood pellet Coyote grills aren't heating up. These barbecues preheat quickly, taking anywhere from 10-15 minutes to get all the way up to temperature. And with your integrated touchscreen, you'll know when your barbecue is hot enough to cook food. You'll know once your food is finished thanks to a built-in timer and your temperature probes. Once your food is finished, don't forget to clean off your barbecue with help from a trusty grill brush.

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