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Dacor Microwaves

Dacor Microwaves: A Convenient Kitchen Classic

The microwave is a classic kitchen appliance that adds convenience to your day. Dacor microwaves take this convenience to the next level with cutting-edge design and modern features. Their microwave lineup includes countertop, built-in, drawer, and over-the-range models so you can pick the one that best fits your current kitchen setup. Depending on which microwave is best for you, you can enjoy different features to make cooking simple. The sensor cooking feature adjusts the time and temperature to properly prepare different foods including baked potatoes, bacon, frozen food, seafood, and more. Some Dacor microwaves also come with convection cooking that expands your appliance's capabilities beyond reheating leftovers. This mode turns your microwave into a convection oven, circulating heat to cook food evenly. This setting is great for foods like bacon that are typically eaten crispy. While a convection feature can help bake and broil foods, select models actually have designated modes for convection baking, broiling, and combination roasting and baking. If you live in a smaller space or are on a budget, investing in a Dacor microwave with these features will allow you to still cook amazing meals for yourself or your friends. Dacor microwaves also include classic features like Add 30 Seconds or Quick Minute that make it easy to quickly heat things, whether it's a mug of water for tea or melting butter for baking. Significant other working late? Use the Keep Warm feature to keep food at the right temperature for up to half an hour so you can enjoy a meal that seems fresh out of the oven.

Choosing a Dacor Microwave

Different microwave models have their own unique benefits as well. Dacor countertop microwaves give you flexibility and don't require spending money on installation. They can also be installed as built-in microwaves, which gives the flexibility of more permanent installation if you want to make more room on your kitchen counters. If you move, you can easily take your microwave with you, too. Built-in microwaves are a sleek, space-saving solution that are installed amongst your kitchen cabinets or in a kitchen island; the great thing about these Dacor microwaves is that they can be installed at eye level so you can easily access the contents inside. With a trim kit, you create a perfectly seamless look with no spaces in your cabinetry. Over-the-range microwaves do the work of two appliances to save money and space in your kitchen. The bottom of these microwaves has a vent on it to provide ventilation similar to that of a wall hood, eliminating smoke, odor, and grease from the air or surfaces in your home. Keeping your appliances in one place also offers convenience and helps you get dinner on the table faster. Dacor even makes drawer models that give you a bird's-eye view into the microwave, which makes it easier to stir food while it's reheating or clean up splatters. If you need help deciding which microwave to take home, check out our microwave buying guide that breaks down the benefits of these appliances and helpful features they have. You can also visit our kitchen appliance specialists at our Glenview retail store or call them at 800-860-3577 to learn more.

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