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Dacor Over The Range Microwaves

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Dacor Over The Range Microwaves

Luxury meets functionality in Dacor over the range microwaves. These convenient appliances combine the familiar reheating capabilities of a microwave with the ventilation power of a range hood for an appliance that truly does it all. These microwaves are installed in the wall above your Dacor range or rangetop to filter out smoke, steam, grease and odors from the air. Properly filtering these contaminants protects your health as well as your cabinets; over time, grease builds up on your kitchen cabinets, leaving behind residue that builds up and becomes nearly impossible to wash off completely. As these appliances combine multiple devices in one, they are also a great space-saving solution whether your home has a smaller kitchen or you're looking to streamline your space. You can keep your counters clear while also keeping the air in your kitchen clean. With removable, easy-to-clean filters, you can ensure that your microwave hood continues to efficiently filter contaminants in your home. This microwave can also function as a convection oven, essentially adding another oven to your kitchen. If you don't have the wall space for a double oven, these reheaters can add more cooking space without the space requirements typical for ovens. Each Dacor over the range microwave comes standard with vertical and horizontal exhaust and also has the option for recirculating or outside venting, whichever suits your needs best. If you live with small children, you'll also love the child safety lock that keeps little hands away from a potentially dangerous device.

Convenient Convection Cooking & Reheating

Of course, these appliances do more than save space in your kitchen. They're also designed for powerful reheating, defrosting, and cooking. Each Dacor over the range microwave is equipped with sensor cooking that adjusts the cooking time and temperature for foods including fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, frozen dinners, bacon and hot dogs. With the convection cooking feature, you can actually prepare food in the microwave; this feature circulates hot air to evenly cook food. It can also be great to reheat foods that you want to stay crispy, like fries or chicken wings. If you want to avoid reheating dinner, you can use the Keep Warm function that maintains the temperature of your dish for up to 30 minutes; this setting is great for busy families who get home at different times in the evening. Your Dacor over the range microwave can also accommodate dishes of different shapes and sizes with the turntable disable feature. Oblong plates can fit inside without scraping against the inside of the appliance and causing damage. The days of taking a soggy, lukewarm plate of food out of the microwave are over. Buying a new appliance for your kitchen is an important decision and Abt wants to help make that decision easier. Our microwave buying guide explains the differences between different styles of microwave and standard features that they have. You can also get help from our appliance experts when you visit them at our Glenview retail store or when you call 800-860-3577.

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