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Dacor Rangetops: Bigger, Better Cooking Power

If you're ready for a larger, more powerful alternative to a classic cooktop, it's time for a rangetop. A Dacor rangetop takes everything you love about this versatile appliance to the next level, with a more rugged design and greater firepower to deliver professional-quality cooking. Controls are conveniently placed in front of the burners so you don't have to reach over flames to ignite another cooking zone. Larger widths are more popular for these cookers, with Dacor offering models up to 48" to accommodate the largest kitchens. These rangetops are available in both natural gas and liquid propane fuel options so you can choose the option that best fits your current kitchen layout. If you don't have a gas line running to your kitchen, liquid propane allows you to still cook with gas as opposed to having an electric cooktop or rangetop. Each Dacor rangetop is made of stainless steel that is incredibly durable and easy to clean and comes in graphite or classic silver shades. The stunning brass burners deliver incredible heat resistance so they stay in good condition no matter how much you crank up the heat. These appliances also feature Dacor's signature SimmerSear™ burner to expand the cooking potential on your range. Use either incredibly low heat to simmer homemade sauce or melt butter or crank the power up to 22,000 BTU depending on the model to get a perfect sear on a juicy steak. If your burner blows out mid-meal, have no fear. The Perma-Flame&trade feature automatically reignites the flame on the burner so you can keep cooking uninterrupted. Select models include helpful add-ons to enhance your appliance's potential, whether it's making bacon and eggs on the griddle or using the wok ring while you make healthy yet flavorful stir fry. If you're looking for the ultimate in cooking convenience, a model with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity makes mealtime easier and more enjoyable. You can control your rangetop from your phone or tablet or automatically connect to your Dacor hood to ensure proper ventilation each time you make dinner.

The place you live can present unique cooking challenges. Dacor anticipates these challenges and responds with industry-leading design to ensure convenient cooking. High altitude options are available if you live in such an area. High altitudes mean low atmospheric pressure, which can affect cooking time and moisture levels in food; the lower pressure decreases the boiling point of water but this problem won't be solved by increasing the heat alone. These Dacor rangetops come in altitude options that are designed to respond to these conditions. Dacor rangetops are also available in different styles to suit your kitchen's aesthetic and your cooking needs: Contemporary and Professional. If you're trying to decide between a cooktop and a rangetop, our cooktop buying guide explains the difference in detail. Alternatively, you can visit our Glenview retail store to see the rangetops in person. If you're not a local customer, you can also call our appliance specialists at 800-860-3577 for help. Be sure to properly ventilate your rangetop with a Dacor range hood or downdraft.

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