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Dacor Steam Ovens: The Key to Healthier Meals

Steam is an underrated cooking technique. Embrace this healthy cooking style and enjoy surprisingly delicious side dishes, entrees, and desserts. No matter what you're making, one of the biggest benefits of steaming is that it uses moisture to cook so your food won't be dried out, even foods that tend to be drier like chicken breasts. Dacor steam ovens are a beautiful addition to any kitchen and use steam to create professional-looking meals. Using steam to cook food also lets you cook entirely different dishes at the same time; cook salmon for dinner and bake a soufflé for dessert without fear of a fishy bite. Steam allows cooked foods to maintain their color for beautiful, vibrant dishes. To enjoy the benefits of steam cooking, simply fill the reservoir with water and start the oven. These wall ovens combine the power of convection cooking with steam to properly cook a variety of dishes. Each Dacor steam oven also features their exclusive four-part Dual Pure Convection, which takes the even, powerful cooking of a convection oven to the next level. This cooking mode combines heat, air, a baffle and a filter to powerfully circulate hot air throughout the oven. Whether you're making Thanksgiving dinner or preparing a tasty treat for the bake sale, there's a cooking mode for your needs. These wall ovens are equipped with multiple cooking modes including bake, broil, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, steam bake and steam roast. Being able to choose from so many different cooking modes lets you adapt to any recipe, whether you're trying to achieve crispy skin, a juicy center, or flaky crust.

Modern Features for Convenient Cooking

Home chefs who seek out the latest and greatest gadgets will love the WiFi connectivity built into every Dacor steam oven. You can use your smartphone or tablet to preheat the oven, change the temperature or change the cooking mode without entering the kitchen. If aesthetics are a consideration in your kitchen you'll love the options that Dacor has to offer. Classic silver or graphite stainless steel shades look great in any kitchen. For the sleekest look possible, you can purchase a Dacor oven with a recessed handle and an LCD touch screen that eliminates any protrusion from your appliance. This way, your Dacor steam oven will have a flush look when installed next to or among your kitchen cabinets. Customers looking for a classic look can choose a Dacor oven that features their signature Illumina™ lighted control knobs. Proper maintenance is also essential to keep your oven looking and working like new. The SoftShut™ oven doors prevent slamming that can injure users or damage the appliance but it's also important to take care of your oven yourself. Frequent cleaning will ensure product longevity and maintain your oven's luxury aesthetic. If this is your first time buying an oven for your home, it's normal to have questions. Our wall oven buying guide details the different styles of oven and standard features that make these appliances so useful. You can also swing by our Glenview store to see our ovens in person or speak with an appliance expert; if you're not a local customer, our experts can also be reached at 800-860-3577 with any questions.

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