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Dacor Wall Ovens

Dacor Wall Ovens: Single, Double, Steam and Combination Ovens

Your oven is the powerhouse of your kitchen—it can cook your Thanksgiving turkey or bake gooey chocolate chip cookies to enjoy with your loved ones. Choosing the right oven is important and luckily Dacor wall ovens come in several different styles all loaded with their famous features. Dacor single, double, combination and steam ovens all have their own unique benefits and aesthetic appeal to complete your dream kitchen. If you're limited on space, a single Dacor wall oven will still get the job done well, but if you have space to spare, we recommend a double wall oven to handle your biggest dinner demands. Depending on which series you opt for, SoftShut™ hinges prevent slamming to avoid injury or damage to your new appliance. If you're replacing all your appliances, a combination model that integrates a microwave and a wall oven saves space and makes mealtime more efficient. The upper oven uses the speed of a microwave with convection technology so you can sear, broil and air fry food from a single appliance. Their steam ovens are available in both single and double models to equip any kitchen with the power of steam cooking. Using steam lets you enjoy healthy yet flavorful cuts of meat for a meal your family will love. The steam cooking feature is incredibly easy to use; just throw on an oven mitt and fill the reservoir to experience the power of cooking with steam. Each style of Dacor wall ovens has WiFi-enabled models so you can preheat your appliance or adjust the cooking mode from your phone or tablet equipped with the iQ Kitchen app. That way, you can come home from work to an oven ready for dinner or get your wall oven warmed up while you're finishing chores in another room. You can also enjoy Dacor's signature four-part Pure Convection™ technology that features a fan, convection heating element, an air baffle and a convection filter to evenly cook or bake your favorite foods. Your famous chocolate chip cookies are about to taste even better.

A Perfect Fit in Any Kitchen

No matter which of these Dacor wall ovens you opt for, their stainless steel construction is durable, sleek and easy to clean, making them the perfect addition to any kitchen; even your messiest meals are no match for their rugged construction. If aesthetics matter to you, these wall ovens are available in flush styles that feature a recessed handle to create a streamlined look. These powerful cookers are designed to install flush to create smooth, sleek lines throughout your kitchen. Choose between graphite or classic silver stainless steel to coordinate with the rest of your Dacor appliances. If you're remodeling your kitchen or moving into your first home, it's likely that this is your first time buying a wall oven and Abt is here to help. Check out our wall oven buying guide that breaks down the key differences between each type of oven and standard features or give our kitchen appliance experts a call at 800-860-3577 to learn more.

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