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Dacor Storage and Warming Drawers

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Dacor Warming Drawers

Never serve dinner cold again. As their name suggests, warming drawers help keep food or drinks warm after they've been prepared. They are perfect for busy families or couples on different schedules because you can keep dinner warm for someone who has practice after school or works late. Are your dinner guests caught in traffic? Set your dishes in the warming drawer so they can still enjoy a hot meal. Adding a Dacor warming drawer to your kitchen island or amongst your kitchen cabinets will add both convenience and style to the room. If you're looking to eliminate a microwave from your kitchen setup, a Dacor warming drawer can do its job and so much more. In addition to keeping already-cooked food warm, you can use a warming drawer to warm plates for a delightful dinner experience, heat up water for tea, or even prepare hot hand towels to create a truly luxurious experience for your guests. These appliances are also incredibly easy to use. Straightforward button controls let you turn the drawer on and off, set the warming time in hour increments, and choose between low, medium, high, and proof temperature settings. If you're looking for more tailored controls, Dacor also has drawers that allow you to set an exact temperature. You can easily keep dinner warm while you set the table for your dinner party or change into your party clothes; simply set the timer to keep your food at the right temperature without fear of overcooking. The timer even has an infinite setting that keeps the drawer warming until you decide to turn it off, which is great for multi-course dinner parties or during the Sabbath. With Star-K certification, Dacor warming drawers let you override daily operation for Sabbath. Thanks to humidity control, you can keep any food warm without drying it out.

The Perfect For for Every Kitchen

There is a Dacor warming drawer for every kitchen. With color choices like silver stainless steel or graphite as well as custom panel options, your warming drawer can either match the rest of your appliances or blend into your cabinetry. Stainless steel is a popular choice because it is both durable and beautiful, but if you're looking to create a truly seamless look, custom panels are the way to go. Custom panel warming drawers need to be fitted with a panel (sold separately) after purchase that matches your kitchen cabinets or kitchen island. These drawers are also made to literally fit your kitchen; with multiple sizes available, you can find a Dacor warming drawer that is the same width as the cabinets or drawers surrounding it. They are designed to fit under Dacor wall ovens, microwaves, or cooktops. Choose between drawers with or without handles to suit your kitchen's design. The handleless drawers have a one-touch design for soft opening and closing that won't pinch fingers. Creating your dream kitchen can be overwhelming but Abt is here to help. Schedule a visit to our inspiration studio for assistance planning your luxury kitchen. If you're not a local customer, you can reach our friendly kitchen experts at 800-860-3577 for help deciding which Dacor appliances are right for you.

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  • Loved being able to track my delivery in real time. Once the guys came, they were like a well oiled machine. They got out the old and brought in the new like a choreographed dance. They set me up quickly and explained everything I needed to know about my new stove. They were courteous and conscientious.
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    June 3, 2021