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DeLonghi Air Fryer & Deep Fryers

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DeLonghi Deep Fryers & Air Fryers for Crispy Comfort Food

DeLonghi appliances are designed to make cooking fun and convenient. Adding a fryer to your kitchen is perfect for fun weekend meals and recreating your favorite carnival eats at home. From crispy fries to deep-fried candy bars, these small appliances pack a culinary punch. DeLonghi makes both air fryers and deep fryers to suit a variety of lifestyles or food preferences. Deep fryers are a kitchen classic for a reason; imagine being able to enjoy all your favorite comfort foods without leaving your home. Each DeLonghi deep fryer has a large capacity to prepare more food, whether it's a pile of crispy wings for game night or a dozen delicious donuts for weekend brunch. While the extensive cleanup required of most deep fryers is a deterrent for consumers, it's now a thing of the past thanks to these devices' drain feature that allows you to easily remove the hot oil without burning yourself or making a mess. If you love a thick, crispy crust on your food, deep frying is the ideal cooking method. While deep fryers are a great choice, the food they make isn't always the healthiest. That's where the air fryer comes in. By using hot air, these fryers can make food crispy without oil or excess breading. The lack of oil also gives you the freedom to make more dishes; these appliances can make cake but deep fryers typically cannot. We offer various DeLonghi air fryer models with unique features so you can bring home the small appliance that can tackle all your favorite dishes. You can opt for an air fry convection oven that combines heating elements and a powerful fan to circulate air, creating perfectly crispy results every time with far less fat. For the best of both worlds, DeLonghi also makes a multicooker that functions as a fryer that uses little to no oil that can also cook, bake and broil an endless list of recipes.

Choosing the Right Fryer

There are several factors to consider before you decide which of these appliances to take home; most consumers probably don't need both types of fryer. Unless you have a huge kitchen, you might not want to give up the storage space—or spend the money—to buy both a DeLonghi deep fryer and a Delonghi air fryer. Do you have space on your counters or in your cabinets to keep your cooker out of the way when not in use? Are you looking to make healthy meals that seem indulgent or are you craving the most decadent treats possible? How do you choose which of these devices is right for you? Luckily, our deep fryer buying guide explains the differences between both of these countertop appliances so you can pick the product that best suits your dietary preferences and space in your kitchen. To learn more about these cookers, visit our Glenview retail store to see them in person or call our kitchen experts at 800-860-3577 with questions.

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