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Denon Receivers: AV and Stereo Receivers

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A Denon Receiver for AVR and Stereo

Whether you're creating an immersive home theater set-up or a multi-room audio solution, Denon receivers will connect your home with the best in next-gen audio and video. Since its inception, the Denon receiver has earned a reputation for dependable sound and high-tech hardware. These devices make it easy to enjoy high-fidelity audio from the comfort of home, no matter where your sound is coming from. Run audio from your Blu-Ray player, game console, turntables, and even your phone through a properly set-up Denon receiver for immersive sound from your speakers. To learn more about the basics before buying, check out our beginners guide video on choosing a new receiver.

Smart Audio in Any Mode

Someone unfamiliar with these devices may take a look at the ports and inlets at the rear of a receiver and recoil. With so many plugs, how am I supposed to connect my smartphone to that. The short answer is that you can with wireless connectivity and Bluetooth just like a portable speaker. You can even control the system using a virtual assistant like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and connect with any smart device. Most Denon AVRs come with HEOS support built into the device. HEOS is a multi-room audio connection and lets you sync music between speakers throughout your home. You can connect your speakers with the Denon receiver all with a little help from the HEOS app. From here, control all of your streaming services and switch between playlists and songs. Play music from a CD player, or make things incredibly Hi-Fi with a classic record player or turntables.

Object-Based Audio

High-quality sound doesn't stop when the screen turns on. Whether you're watching movies on an HD or 8K TV, you'll need more than just high definition to truly sink into the experience of what you're seeing. That's why these Denon receivers come with object-based audio capabilities. These technological wonders have the ability to render sound from Dolby Atmos and DTS:X in stunning reality. That means your home theater (or living room) will be able to project sound the way that it was meant to be heard according to sound designers and creative directors who made it. Depending on your speaker or surround system, sound will fire from different sides of the room to meet you. Instead of hearing tiny speakers, you'll be able to feel the bass beneath you, the roar around you, and the effects above you.

Meanwhile, these receivers don't just focus on audio. Video processing begins as soon as an HDMI cord plugs in, and even entry-level models are capable of 4K UHD support. Mid- to higher-level models can handle upscaling video for 8K, meaning you'll be ready for the next generation of TVs in incredible definition, color saturation, and vibrancy.

AV Support

If you're not sure where to begin when it comes to choosing a receiver, check out our AV receiver buying guide. You'll learn more about the kind of features you'll need, the sort of speakers you should connect, and what sort of audio connections you'll be using most. For more personalized advice, give our specialists a phone call at 800-860-3577. Our goal is to help you find the solution that works best for your lifestyle, and we'll service any local appliance throughout its lifetime.

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