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Vivid Definition Beyond Possibility: 8K TVs

If you're still living with a regular high-definition television screen, you're about to see the world in a whole new level of clarity. While you may have heard of 4K TVs, which have four times as many pixels as an HD television, an 8K version quadruples that pixel count for 16 times the resolution of an HD TV. These screens are 7680x4320 pixels in total, giving each one an incredible crispness you can't experience unless you see it in person. New 8K TVs come with exciting engineering advances, from split-screen technology to a depth of color you've never seen before. And the exciting innovations go below the surface too—nearly all of these 8K TVs are built with artificial intelligence that upscales your content as it plays. That's because these screens actually have a higher resolution than the films and shows we watch. An AI upscaler takes in all of the lower-quality data onscreen and immediately improves the resolution to near-8K quality. That means cleaner lines, more vivid colors, and a picture that stays true to the director's vision. Movies that were filmed before high definition was around can now be watched in their full glory on your theater-quality screen. Learn all the reasons why it's time to upgrade to a new resolution at Abt.

Smarter Than a Smart TV

While smart televisions (or screens that can connect to the internet to stream content) have been around for nearly a decade now), not much has changed in their backend technology. That all shifts with this new generation of boosted resolution. Many 8K TVs come with smarter-than-smart tech you never dreamed you could find from a television. Video gamers will appreciate built-in game enhancers that help to eliminate unnecessary stuttering and buffering. Meanwhile, sports fans can enjoy higher frame rates and even alerts to when their favorite teams are playing—as well as scores and start times. That way, you'll always know what's going on out on the field, even if the family is watching a cartoon marathon at game time. 8K TVs help you stay connected to the rest of your home and lifestyle, too. Many models can connect to virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Power your unit on with just a word, then simply ask for your favorite streaming service. No more fighting over who lost the remote.

Optional Surround Sound

Surround sound was once considered only possible in the movie theater (and for those who can afford home theaters). The next-gen technology packed into many 8K TVs includes virtual surround sound systems like Dolby Atmos. These virtual sound systems shoot audio out from the speakers to reflect from the ceiling and walls for a completely immersive experience. Perfect for action movies and nature documentaries, this virtual surround sound is a definite upgrade from other flat-screen televisions. Most of those standard models compromise on sound quality to keep the TV frame as skinny as possible. If you find you're still hoping for more sound from your screen, equip your home with a powerful soundbar and subwoofer instead. These easy-to-install speakers can put some power behind your sound, and some can even mimic surround sound as well.

Discover Your Next Big Screen at Abt

Whether you're looking for a massive television that can rival the ones in built-in home theaters or a smaller wall-mounted model, upgrade to one of these groundbreaking 8K TVs for a whole new viewing experience. Not sure which one is best for your home? Check out our TV Buying Guide to learn more about the basics, or give us a call at 800-860-3577 to speak with an entertainment specialist. Our experts will help you find the model that fits your lifestyle best.

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